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A Plea For Your RSVP

Posted by Melissa Schmalenberger on November 25, 2014 in Holidays, life, Moms |

I have seen an interesting thing happen over the last couple of years; the lack of giving an RSVP. We all know what it means. We all understand the purpose of it. Yet people fail to give a proper response. I am just as guilty of this as anyone else. Sometimes it slips my mind and I forget, but yet most of the time another culprit is at play. I call that culprit, “waiting for a better offer” or “can’t make up my mind.”


This time of the year, we are sent holiday party invites and offers to go caroling, bake cookies or volunteer at your child’s school. Our social calendar floweth over! We also have the added stress of trying to not gain weight. Seriously, I know carrot sticks are not the food I am going towards on the buffet table. Plus we have to get all the holiday shopping and baking done in our spare time and still be a valuable employee, spouse, parent, etc.


I am writing this post at an exhausted point in my day. We decided to do a major house remodel in one week….paint and replace the flooring in three rooms. Who does this? Someone who has lofty goals! We are in the home stretch and coming in on time, but I am tired. I still have the Thanksgiving holiday to plan & cook and two of my boys are coming home from college. I am pushing through my exhausted state as I see the finish line.


But because I am tired, I am really careful about what I say “yes” to. I am one of those people when I commit to going, I go. I try to give the RSVP early as I know what it takes to plan an event. You owe it to the event planner to let them know as soon as possible your intentions about going.


Here are some tips to make sure that you don’t say “Yes” to things you really want to say “No” to.


  • Do a gut check. Does it fell right to be going or should you just say no? My gut is always right. If there is a nagging feeling that you shouldn’t be going, then don’t go.


  • Will it put you over budget? Some events you need to buy an expensive ticket or buy a special outfit. If these things take you out of your budget, then don’t go.


  • Can you give an answer right now? If you can answer “yes” or “no” right now, that is a good clue if you really want to go to the event.


  • Do you have the time? If you are already over scheduled, don’t add another thing to your list. Keep your calendar under control in order to keep your sanity.


  • Will you feel guilty? We all know that if we say “yes” to something we often are saying “no” to something else. Figure out what that is ahead of time so that you can deal with it.


  • Are you saying “yes” so you just don’t miss a potential good time? That is the wrong reason to say “yes.” You should be going for other reasons, like spending time with friends or family. If you are that person that doesn’t want to ever miss a good time, you are going to exhaust yourself before too long and start missing events.

So as those holiday invites start to come in, take control of your calendar and make sure that you do not over extend yourself. Let the event planner know quickly what your intentions are. And if you say “yes” to an event, make sure that you go. It is very disheartening to prepare for 30 and only 15 attend. Be respectful of your time and the time of the person who invited you.



To Joyful, Simplified Organizing,


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Posted by Melissa Schmalenberger on November 4, 2014 in life, Moms |

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Posted by Melissa Schmalenberger on September 30, 2014 in Uncategorized |

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