My love of organizing did not begin at a young age…just ask my mother as to how messy my room was a teenager. But what I was surrounded with was peace and order (until my sisters were born) and I took that into my own home when I got married in 1990. I now alphabetize my spices just like my mom does. Oh and I should probably mention that I married the most patient man in the world who craves order as much as I do. I must confess that the quest for order is always evolving….I do have my secret stashes of clutter….which my husband reminds me of. 
My professional background is as a lawyer since 1993, which was also the year I became a mother. I have focused the past 17 years on being a mother of now three very busy boys and trying to find a system to balance my work life, volunteer life, and family life to make time for what is the most important….time with my family.

I began my business in 2007 with the idea to help my clients find more time in their lives by becoming more organized. I have now taken my eye for attention to detail as a lawyer and turned it into a business specializing in home and office organization as well as large event planning in the Fargo, ND and surrounding areas. I have discovered that my genius is “creating order” and I need to share that genius with others and help them create order in their lives.  In May 2010 I joined the company Clever Container which is a business dedicated to providing great organizing products for the home, office, car and family.  I would love to help you learn more about this up and coming company.

It is my goal to help my clients create and maintain a system of organizing that works for each individual person. I work together with the client to create the organized and relaxing home or business that they have been dreaming of.