10 Things To Get Rid Of Right Now

Sometime we just need a win towards our organizing resolutions! I am here to help you get a few things out of your home and just simply feel pretty dang good. So get ready and grab a box for donations and get ready to run around your house grabbing these 10 items.

  1. First up gather all your pens and pencils and get rid of the ones that don’t work or you don’t use. I am a weird pen girl, I like one brand and one brand only. When I am offered pens from banks or insurance agents I say thank you and then hand the pen back mentioning my oddity. Frankly I think they are grateful that I am honest.
  2. How about those promotional items that you never use? My husband won this cool salad container with a separate dressing compartment at work. We knew he would never use it so I found a friend who takes salads to work and she was thrilled with it. I was happy it found a good home!
  3. Whenever I see metal hangers from the drycleaner I have a Mommie Dearest They are not good for your clothes to hang from. They are bad for the landfill. Simply hand them back to your drycleaner when you pick up your clothes. Yes, I do that. Goodbye metal hangers!
  4. Old electronics are hard for “some people” to part with. Yes “some people” is in reference to my husband. In all fairness, he started dating me in high school because I was a girl who owned an Atari. He really struggles with parting of our old electronics. I think he needs an intervention. But if you are not so inclined, gather yours and find a place to recycle or donate them. Please do not fill up our landfill.
  5. Plastic shopping bags. I think that 90% of people who look under their kitchen sink right now will have a lifetime supply of plastic shopping bags. If you live in one of those areas that bans them, I applaud you! If not, get those bags to a place to recycle and ask yourself why you have any of those bags. A big hint is to keep your green shopping bags in your car and a small one in your purse so you are never without one.
  6. I have been out of college for a long time and should not have any old textbooks or outdated reference materials. If the book buyback program didn’t buy those textbooks in 1995 when you tried to sell them back I am here to tell you they are worthless. Get them to the recycling center or make a craft out of them! Or in the case of some of my law school classmates they took a shotgun to their text books!
  7. When you put your holiday decorations away did you pack your broken tree lights? I hope not! Did you know that there are organizations that you can give them to that will repair broken lights? Search your community to see if that service is offered. Or google a DIY site on how to repair your own!
  8. Phone books. Yes, I said phone books. I don’t know why they distribute these anymore. But I am here to tell you that people still have a sense of obligation to keep them. Maybe it is habit? All I know is if you have any and they are covered in dust walk them to your recycling bin right now!
  9. Business cards are something I now longer take. Instead I hand the person my phone and ask them to enter in their information right there. Or I would connect with them via Facebook or LinkedIn depending on the type of connection they are. If you do have stack of business cards either enter them in your phone or toss them. Stop now and do it.
  10. Calling all out of date software! I have drawers full of my kids old gaming software and I don’t even have a slot in my computer to put them in if I wanted to be all sentimental. Now they just lay all neatly arranged in the drawer calling me back 15 years, sigh. They need to leave my house. And just so you know, this will be a task for my non-sentimental husband to do. Oh, but wait, he doesn’t get rid of any old electronics (and that goes for gaming software) so it looks like these are going to stay in my home forever. In a sort of perpetual loop of sentimentality.

Did you grab your box and gather these 10 items? Why not? Stop reading and go now. Give yourself a gold star and give yourself a pat on the back and I will give you a virtual high five. Organizing can be overwhelming without a plan. So for today, just start and get going with these 10 items. Hopefully these 10 items will lead to 10 more!



To Joyful, Simplified Organizing,

MS. Simplicity
Melissa is a Productivity Consultant and author living in Fargo, North Dakota doing her best of living a life full of adventure. Filling a life of memories and not of things! Melissa’s e-book on Kitchen Organizing can be found on Amazon.