Simplicity Equals Duplication

I love the idea of keeping things simple. Obviously I like the name so much my business name is based off that. But when you keep things simple you also can have duplication. I want you to think about the areas of your life that you can keep things simple. Too often we overcomplicate things making it hard and then we just don’t do it. You want to give life a KISS, otherwise known as Keep It Simple Stupid.

Yes, I said stupid. And too often we are. We overcomplicate things for no reason. Get over yourself and start making things simple.

Imagine how my family does laundry. I throw everything in one load. The horror of all those colors tossing and turning together. Seriously I have not had an issue with colors bleeding, but then I don’t buy anything red. I saw no reason to overcomplicate laundry. No need to have seven baskets for sorting. No need to wait two weeks to have enough for a load of one type of clothing. I wanted my kids to do laundry. Each kid had a basket. When the basket for full the laundry went in the washer. I kept it simple. My goal was duplication. Mission accomplished. Well almost accomplished. I do have that rogue youngest child who puts his clothes everywhere BUT the basket. I got to work on him!

When my kids were little, I had one style of cups for them to choose from. Imagine that! They just had to pick their color. I have witnessed conversations of my friends with their kids going through 17 choices of cups and only hearing the child scream in horror when they can’t find the matching pink lid. I wanted quick decisions. So, I kept it simple. Besides I would have lost my mind waiting for my kids to make a decision from 17 cups and I need every bit of my mind!

When I work with clients in their homes we always talk about creating systems so that other members of the family can utilize. If you want your kids to make their own school lunches, keep everything gathered in one place. If you have toys that need to be put away, make it so the kids can do it on their own. No high shelves or heavy bins to carry.

When I work with business clients we visit about their exit strategy. I want my business clients to be able to take a day off or even a month and know that everything will be taken care of in their absence. Things need to be kept simple. Too often we overcomplicate things for no other reason than to feel important. You don’t want other people to see how easy our job is. Instead focus on how good you are at creating easy systems that anyone can follow.

I ask my business clients to think worst-case scenario. What would happen to them if they didn’t come to work the next day? Would someone be able to walk in their office and make payroll or know the name of the HR person at the firm across town that they work with. Or does their office look like a scene from A Beautiful Mind where things are scattered everywhere? Don’t be that person. Create the simplicity. Encourage duplication.

Now imagine you are going to make things as easy as possible for people to understand. Realize that creating simplicity will make things easier for you and for others. No need to wait for that worst-case scenario day. Start making the transition to simplicity.

The secret to life is if you want to do less and delegate more you need to keep it simple. Create systems that are straightforward. When my kids unload the dishwasher, I want them to know where everything goes and not find a counter full of homeless dishes. Look at your life where duplication can occur. Focus on simplicity.


To Joyful, Simplified Organizing,

MS. Simplicity

Melissa is a Productivity Consultant and author living in Fargo, North Dakota doing her best of living a life full of adventure. Filling a life of memories and not of things!

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