Give Yourself A Gold Star

Once we leave the tender years of elementary school it seems the accolades decrease exponentially. Gone are the certificates proclaiming you lost a tooth, or recited the alphabet. Sure our kids are given many participation awards that at times it becomes irritating. But where in life did we cross the line and decide that we would no longer be acknowledged for our little victories?

I want to start a revolution of rewarding and commenting on the little things in life. For example in yoga class this week we practiced laughing. After class two women came up to me and told me I had the best laugh. Now that is an award I want….girl with a great laugh!

When my three boys were little my husband would come home and the house would be a disaster and I would look at him with that exhausted look on my face. I would have liked the award “kept the kids alive today!” The house looked like a tornado had gone through it. The fact that nobody broke a bone was a win and there were days I really wanted to be acknowledged for it.

For some even doing little things is really a big thing. Some struggle to get out of bed or walk into a room with strangers. I want to give them a gold star for showing up!

When organizing, people think it is a success only if the whole project is complete. Not true. Each step should be celebrated! Took a box in for donation… star! Focused on an area for 10 minutes and sorted….blue ribbon!

I wonder what would happen if we started commenting and congratulating ourselves and others on the little wins in life?

Don’t be afraid to be self-congratulatory. There are times when we need to draw attention to the positive. I am not one to shy away from asking for what I want. I will say to my husband, “Sure would be nice to have some flowers for a job well done!” He appreciates the hint and I am not embarrassed nor resentful to give him the reminder.

But don’t become that person who needs to be congratulated for everything and goes to social media for approval. Most of the time this should be done with your close groups of friends and not your 1,257 Facebook “friends.”

I want to see a spread of compliments to the adults we interact with. I saw an older woman with a cute pink bow in her hair yesterday and it brought a smile to my face, I wish I would have stopped and told her so.

Take that minute and notice what your spouse did that you just over look. Loaded the dishwasher like a rock star without being told; high five! Have a best friend that finished updating her resume and taking the leap of applying for a new job; thumbs up!

My husband has to get a tooth pulled in order to get a replacement tooth, time for the tooth fairy to visit! Wouldn’t he be surprised? I wonder what the going rate is for an adult who needs a tooth pulled. Perhaps the value is what our dental copay is.

Be genuine in your observations and you will find that the accolades will start returning to you! So this week take time to observe what brings a smile to your face and speak it out loud to the person who created the smile.

MS. Simplicity


Melissa is a Productivity Consultant and author living in Fargo, North Dakota doing her best of living a life full of adventure. Filling a life of memories and not of things!


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