The Skinny On The Organized Closet

I have been having conversations this week with people who are transitioning their summer clothes to their fall and winter clothes. I love this time of year as I transition to a new set of clothes. Life is more interesting when you have seasons to work with. Gone are my maxi dresses and in are my jeans and ponchos.

Not only do we have the seasons of clothes that fill our closets, we also have the different sizes. So the question becomes, what to do with the clothes that are too small but we don’t want to part with?

You know those clothes. The skinny jeans you wiggled into once for a party and have not been able to zip since. That skirt that you bought two sizes smaller with the hopes of losing that last 10 pounds and being able to wear it again. Or that shirt that you wore in college that was your all-time favorite.

What do we do with these clothes that are whispering to us, begging to be worn again? I say take a look at the emotion that they invoke. For me I see the clothes that are too small and I want to go and eat a cookie. That is not the attitude I need in order to fit back into those jeans. Looking at them day in and day out becomes counterproductive in my quest to fitting back in them.

Here is my rule of thumb: if you are more than two sizes away from your ideal size I would remove those clothes from the closet. For me I had room in another closet and I moved them downstairs. This removed me looking wistfully at them every morning.

An idea I also like is to box them up and put a goal date on them. Put the goal date on your calendar and start to take action.

Don’t set unrealistic goals with yourself. An unrealistic goal is not going to be motivating. You will give up on day two if it is set too high and if you are like me go and eat a cookie. A good goal is to lose one to two pounds a week. Keep that in mind when setting your date for your clothes.

And what about those clothes that are too big now that you have lost weight? Get them out. Get them out as fast as your grow out of them. If they are a reminder of how far you have come, keep one or two items. But if you are storing them for the “someday” you gain the weight back, that is the wrong attitude. Box up those clothes and run to your favorite donation center and feel great!

Ideally you want a closet that has clothes that are the perfect fit and the perfect season. Work through your clothes and pull out the ones that do not fit. If you are not quite ready to part ways with them, start boxing them up with a “wear by” date on them. Really take a good look at each item. I know for me my closet has very few wool items in it. No matter what the size, wool and I are not friends. Start working your way through your clothes until you are left with the ones that fit and bring you joy for the season!

To Joyful, Simplified Organizing,

MS. Simplicity

Melissa is a Productivity Consultant and author living in Fargo, North Dakota doing her best of living a life full of adventure. Filling a life of memories and not of things!

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