Organizing Starts In Your Head

When you pick up a typical organizing book or read an organizing blog it will often walk you though the steps of how to become organized. But too often they do not focus on the most important part of organizing, the mind.


Our head is where organizing starts and stops. It is where we feel the frustration and fear of failure even before we start. We look at the pages of magazines with their perfect pillow arranged on the couch. When in reality if I could even keep the pillows on my couch for more than three hours I would count that as a win.


Have you ever found any electronic cord clutter in those perfect magazine pages? Me either. However I do see a tangle of them under my desk. That is reality.


Have you ever found paper clutter scattered all over the kitchen counter within those pages? Nope. That is because that is not reality. These are not real homes with real people living in them. My house has papers on it now and I am supposed to be the organizing expert. I live in reality.


When my kids were little I could tell who left the marks on the wall by the level of the marks. The higher the marks the older the child. No marks on the walls in those magazines. I still have gouges on the walls from a kid running too fast in the hallway of my house. That is reality.


So as you go about your organizing journey start in the most important place, your mind. I am constantly reading books on mindset with the hopes that someday mine will be going in the right direction.


Use common sense when you organize. Do not think that you are going to pull off miracles in a few hours. However do think that with consistent effort, with the right mindset, results will happen.


If a particular organizing style does not speak to you, it does not mean that you are beyond hope. Find a style that works for you and run with it.


If you need to start by donating that organizing book that recommends you talk to your socks, then do it.


I for one always tell my clients to give themselves grace. When you are a mom with three kids and a full time job, chances are your house will look like a tornado at times. We are our harshest critic and we need to stop!


If you are a man with a house full of memories that needs to be sorted and organized, it isn’t going to happen overnight, and that is ok.


And if that little voice in your head keeps telling you that you are beyond hope, know that it is lying to you and tell it to take a hike. Instead replace it with my voice telling you that you are doing a good job and to keep pushing forward!


To Joyful, Simplified Organizing,

MS. Simplicity


Melissa is a Productivity Consultant and author living in Fargo, North Dakota doing her best of living a life full of adventure. Filling a life of memories and not of things!

Melissa’s e-book on Kitchen Organizing can be found on Amazon.