Pushing The Easy Button On Life

I love the office supply commercial where an easy button is pushed and suddenly a difficult life circumstance turns easy. We all have different areas of our life that are difficult for different reasons. Some of us are dealing with the loss of a loved one. Some of us are dealing with a job loss. Some of us are handling stress in other ways.

I wish in life we were given a limited amount of opportunities to push the easy button and have life give us the easy option to what we are going through. We would pick and choose carefully of when to push the button. I don’t have many difficult times in my life but I sure would like to give my easy button away to others as I see my friends struggle.

While some are going through things that cannot be controlled, such as death, others go through really some self-induced tough times. I watch some people struggle and I see others with the same tough life situations thrive. Why is it that some don’t need an easy button and others if given one would use it on a daily basis?

What are the things that we can implement to make life move more smoothly? I watch some highly efficient people and I watch some highly inefficient people. The common thread I can find between the two groups is one thrives on drama and chaos and the other does not. I liken it to farming versus fire fighting. Some seem to always be putting out the fires in their lives while others farm and nurture their relationships and life circumstances.

Here are some ways that I have watched efficient people farm and not need to use the easy button.

Outsource what you are not good at. Look at your life and think about what you are not good at. I am horrible at book keeping and paperwork in general. I also am not good at sorting our mail as I get easily distracted. However I discovered that my husband is really good at it. He does not get distracted when he sorts! He can give attention to detail that it needs, where I just throw it in a pile and hope I can find it when I need it. I save countless hours a week by having my husband handle our paperwork.

Stop doing what does not bring you joy. For most of this the list of joy suckers could be huge. For many of us it could be relationships with toxic people. If you have a friend that texts you on a daily basis or calls you and you feel yucky after the interactions, stop it. End the feelings of people bringing you down. Focus on what brings you joy!

Guard your time fiercely. Efficient people do not just give their time away. They are generous with their time if you make it past the initial threshold. If you do not make it past the threshold you can forget about it as they simply will not waste their time with you.

They easily say no. They do not have the disease to please by saying yes to things they do not want to do. Gone are the days of baking gingerbread houses for the second grade holiday party. My work around is if I am afraid of saying yes at volunteer meetings, I send my husband in my place. He does not have a problem saying no.

Stay off of social media platform. I see some people have a social life that exists solely on line. They get in political or religious discussions that go on and on. They look for friends that are having these discussions and they join the fray. I do much of my interaction with my team through Facebook groups so I need to be able to efficiently use it. My way to get around the online drama queens is to un-follow the person or hide them from my Facebook feed. I am protective of the people that I surround myself in life and online.

Stay off of electronics when not working. I use to joke with my husband that his mistress was his computer. That computer finds its way into our private moments and I will admit my cell phone is right there with his computer. We challenge each other to be mindful or our time together. Because having a real life conversation with someone is so important.

This week focus on where you can turn your attention to the easy button in life. Forget about the drama in your life and focus on what brings you more real life connections.


To Joyful, Simplified Organizing,

MS. Simplicity

Melissa is a Productivity Consultant living in Fargo, North Dakota doing her best of living a life full of adventure. Filling a life of memories and not of things!