Picking The Perfect Planner

The calendar is about to turn to another year. I am grateful for one thing, not writing checks because I always wrote the wrong year until about June. Please tell me I am not the only one who would write 2001 when it was really 2015? Worse yet was when I would write 1999 like I was a diehard Prince fan or something. Now my only issue with changing years is wondering where 2015 went, along with 2014 and its cousin 2013. Seriously, I use to laugh at those people who told me that time flies. Now I get it. I am suddenly one of those women in line at the grocery store saying you blink and your babies are grown and going to college in another state.

I do think that having the perfect system to keep track of the time we do have is essential. Nothing is worse than missing an appointment or being late to a kid’s concert. The market is flooded with the “perfect” planner, but one thing I know is that there is not one perfect planner out there for everyone. We all have special needs and considerations when buying the perfect one. I have found the perfect solution for me but I will say it has been a lesson in trial and error.

Here are some questions to consider when looking for the perfect planner for yourself.

Are you the only one that needs to look at it? Now that my kids are grown, I don’t need to keep track of their activities. But when I had three going in separate directions, I needed to be the queen of schedules. I would keep my planner laying on the kitchen counter so everyone could look at it as they left for the day. Digital planners did not work for me at this stage as appointments were stacked on top of each other in cyber space and I would often miss one, or ten.

Does it need to be portable? Size does matter if you need to keep your planner with you. A large and heavy planner with lots of bells and whistles isn’t fun to carry. Instead a small planner the size of a small paperback book is the perfect size. This will be a no frills type of planner with a small block for each day. If you don’t need to write down lots of appointments this is the perfect solution.

Do you need your day broken up in hourly chunks? Some of us need to know what we are doing every thirty minutes. I have never been that detailed but when you are a person that is having back to back meetings, this type of planning is essential. These types of planners tend to be bigger and bulkier but you won’t forget your appointments!

Do you need space to write lists on? I like to have a place to put my daily reminders that are random and don’t have a time associated with them. I am not a fan of writing lists on paper that are not in my planner. I can’t tell you how many clients have random lists written all over the place. From the back of a receipt to a child’s notepad to a deposit slip from the bank. Create only one system that allows you plenty of space to write your list on. There are planners out there that allow you to do that. I have one planner that all I do is take notes in.

Do you like it to be fashionable? I am someone who likes to be a little creative and I like to be unique. The planner that I fell in love with allows me to make custom covers with pictures of my family on it. This is probably a small detail to consider and not a huge requirement but still a question to consider.

Do you like online versions? Now, I have to confess, I do like my digital calendar. I am a fan of Outlook as it syncs with all my devices including my iPhone. Some reasons I love having a digital version is the reminders that I receive 15 minutes before my appointments. Disregard my tip above where I said to only have one system. Rules are meant to be broken. In this case I have tried to only have either a paper version or a digital version. Neither worked perfect for me. But I have found the perfect solution for me.

Just remember that whatever solution you decide on, take into account the things to consider. Only then should you buy a planner. This often is a trial and error process and you might waste some money in the process. But once you find the perfect planner, it is heaven. But then again I am a planner nerd.

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To Joyful, Simplified Organizing,

MS. Simplicity


Melissa is a Productivity Consultant living in Fargo, North Dakota doing her best of living a life full of adventure. Filling a life of memories and not of things!