Organize Those Glasses And Cups

Have you taken the time to organize your entire house? Yeah me neither! I call myself a work in progress. Am I more organized than the average person out there? Well I am, but I am also married to someone who thrives on organization. I think I have purchased about every organizing book out there in the market. I have read them, but for the most part I am left not knowing where to start. I have analysis paralysis.


Over the past several years I have been formulating ways to help people get organized on their own without me there to hold their hand. I want to help more people then I have hours in the day. My solution was to write a book, but on steroids. I wanted something that would encourage people to take action and move forward. Not just collect dust on the self of good intentions.


I came up with an online class that is self paced, meaning you decide the speed that you want to go. If you want to do it all at once, you sure can. But most people liked to chip away a bit at a time. I have worked through this call with a group of women with great success. They did it over a year ago and their kitchens have stayed organized.


What would you find as a typical day of organizing in the online class? Something that would take you 15 minutes to an hour depending on the day. Here is a sample of one of the lessons.


Gather all of your glasses and cups from every nook and cranny in your house.
Wipe out the cabinets.
Pull out any that are cracked or chipped. You could easily cut a lip and bacteria can live in those cracks.
Now put all like items together. All the coffee cups in one section, all the drinking glasses, all sports bottles, all the specialty glasses such as wine glasses, etc. Begin to look at these as sets. Do you have one lone juice glass that nobody uses? Do you have coffee mugs and nobody drinks coffee? Do you have glasses with your bank’s logo on it that you never use? Think about the ones that you actually use and donate the rest.
Now place all of the ones that are left in a cabinet or in rows. For example, put the coffee cups on the right, the juice glasses on the left and the drinking glasses in the middle.
Think about alternative storage ideas. Wine glasses or mugs can be hung upside down from the specialty racks created just for this purpose.
Do you have adjustable shelves? Make sure that you are not leaving empty space in your cabinets and adjust in order to take advantage of all the space.
Place the glasses that are used most often within arm’s reach for the members of the family. If you have small children, you may want to place their glasses in a lower cabinet.
For glasses that you use often make sure that they are close to the dishwasher for ease of unloading.

Hot Tips

  • I have a family of water drinkers. Each time someone gets a glass of water they take a new glass out. Often the top of my dishwasher is full of glasses on the top but not yet full of plates on the bottom. I think I need to implement my mom’s philosophy where each person had a cup that they used for the whole day to drink their water from. Her cup was the brown Tupperware one. How much energy and water could we save if we used the same glass all day long? How many glasses could you get rid of if everybody only had one?
  • Height: if you have children make sure that they are able to reach the dishes that they use. When my children were little I put all of their dishes, cups, glasses in a lower cabinet for them to reach. They could even unload the dishwasher and put their own items away. As they grew taller, the dishes started to go higher as well. Now the lower cabinets are full of infrequently used items. I am tall and I like my most used items in the upper half of my kitchen. For those who are lacking in height, they would tend to favor the lower half of the kitchen.

Set aside time this week to see how it works to get this section of your kitchen organized. If you are looking for the rest of the days you can visit here or email me for the link.


To Joyful, Simplified Organizing

MS. Simplicity

Melissa is a Productivity Consultant living in Fargo, North Dakota doing her best of living a life full of adventure. Filling a life of memories and not of things!