Do You Have Enough?

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At what point in our lives do we find ourselves completely satisfied? At what point do we have enough? If you watch the media we are never satisfied. Want to be thinner, buy this product! Want to be cooler, drive this car! Want to have your children love you more at Christmas, buy them this gift!


For me I am trying to get rid of items and not bring new ones in. I have visited with people who are living the minimalist lifestyle and I have noticed a sense of peace around them. They have the iPhone 5 not the 6 because the 5 still works for them. They are mindful of what they buy. They don’t just purchase on a whim. They think things through. They ask questions. Here are a few things to help you think about when deciding if you have enough.


Buy quality. I recently purchased a handcrafted belt for my son from a street vendor in San Francisco. I noticed that he went through belts every couple of months. I would keep buying him belts at big box stores and he would use them for less than six months. I bought my other son a similar handcrafted belt from a street vendor in Seattle two years ago and it is holding up and will probably last him his life. It is a solid piece of thick leather that will not rip or tear.


Ask does this have a place in my home? Don’t buy anything until you know where it is going. If your closets are overflowing you probably don’t need another item of clothing. Take the time to access what you have before you bring it home. I have limited hangers to keep me focused. If I buy something I know that something must leave.


Stay away from trendy. If you try to keep up with trends you will want to keep purchasing. Instead look at classic pieces. I have the same cream sweater that I wear everyday at home and I wear it as part of my outfits at least a few times a week. It is a classic piece that will never go out of style.


Ask is this filling a need? Many of us purchase to feel better about ourselves. We don’t realize it when it is happening. For some it is finding the bargain so they can boast about the savings. For some it is to make them feel loved or pretty.  We get little highs when we purchase, it is like taking a hit of a drug. It feels good….for the moment! Stop and take a breath before you make that purchase. Figure out why you are really wanting to purchase.


Ask is this for an immediate need? We get into trouble when we start to purchase things for some future event. Like buying holiday decorations on clearance. We buy more than we need in the excitement. Rarely do we really need as much as we purchase. I would rather pay full price for something I need right now rather than have too much that I got at a 50% savings. Because the math works out in my favor of waiting. I buy the one item instead of multiple that will just go into storage.


All this comes back to the question of do you have enough? Start asking yourself this week if you have enough. This is a different question and will grab you from your insides. Because suddenly the question goes from do I have enough to am I enough? And the answer should be a resounding YES!


To Joyful, Simplified Organizing,


MS. Simplicity


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