What If?

When I work with my client’s I find my time with them a learning experience for me and hopefully for them. But really it is about me. A few weeks ago I worked with a stage 4 breast cancer survivor and I learned so much about grace and dignity. This week my client was a person who had fire and caused them to be displaced for 9 months. It really makes my issues in life pale in comparison.


When I work with my clients we have long conversations for three hours. We get to the heart of their issues. I really discover who they are and what makes them want to keep some things and get rid of other things. But when you are affected by a fire, that really makes you sit back and take a minute to think. What I leaned is they had minutes to get out of their home. They didn’t get the time to think about what to grab. So being organized is key!


I remember being at a friend’s home when their neighbors house started on fire. The neighbor brought her kids over and went back in the home for the birds. I was shocked, I was sitting there trying to comfort the kids and I was taught you don’t go back into a burning building. Ask a firefighter and they will agree. Fires can be burning in the attic and you may not know that your roof is about to collapse. Let them do their job.


So I want you to imagine your house right now and think about the important things in your home. People and pets are at the top of the list and then probably photos and home videos would be next. But I learned some things about recovery from a fire as well as any natural disaster.


1. Have great insurance coverage. I am a firm believer in having a personal relationship with your insurance agent. I have had good luck in finding agents that care about me and my family {thanks Robin!} You don’t need to be a number, find an agent that knows you by name and can explain your policy in layman’s terms.


2. Take a video. Most of us have smartphones and how long would it take to walk around your house and take a video? Open drawers and closets. Walk around narrating as you go. What an easy way to take an inventory of your house and its contents. Update this after major purchases or once a year. The beauty of smart phones is you can sync your phone so your photos and videos is saved in the cloud. If you are someone who does not think you are comfortable doing this video, find someone who is. It isn’t hard and remember chances are nobody is going to see it. This is for your peace of mind!


3. Take pictures. Take that smartphone out and start taking photos of those important family photos that are irreplaceable. Of course scanning or saving in the cloud all of your photos is the ideal, but I am a realist. Take 30 minutes on the weekend and walk around your house and pull those important pictures and snap a good photo in good light. I do this for throw back Thursday (#tbt) where people post a photo from the past to social media. I am methodically working through my photos and sharing them on social media. I have found that taking the pictures in natural light is best. Take a photo by a window and try not to get a glare. You can now crop the photo and make it look like it was a jpg emailed to you.


4. Put irreplaceable documents in a fireproof/waterproof safe. I have all our passports and social security cards in ours. Perhaps my kids birth certificates are there. This is something I need to check. But I will tell you almost every client I work with does not have this simple item that costs under $100 yet creates priceless peace of mind! Believe me you will not be disappointed. Figure out what should go in this safe. This is an activity that will take you less than 30 minutes {I hope} to gather all those documents around your home!


Now this list is not to be all doom and gloom but rather to have you be proactive! Take action and let life happen knowing that you are prepared.


To Joyful, Simplified Organizing,


MS. Simplicity


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