Procrastination Nation


Our country is suffering from an illness that is hiding in our junk drawers, cabinets, kitchen counters, kitchen tables, dryers and closets; I call it procrastination. As I was thinking about writing this post this morning I was telling my husband about it. He looked at me and said, “maybe you should get out of bed and write that then.” touché.

When I work with clients we often tackle the procrastination piles. My favorite definition of clutter is “delayed decisions.” Take a look around you right now and see what are your delayed decisions. I am writing in my office and I see my desk covered in “creative clutter,” you know those projects that I will get to someday. But what if I grabbed a stack of file folders, my label maker and file box and filed all of those creative projects? Yeah, my desk would be clean.

I know I need to mark off a few hours on my calendar this week and call it procrastination day. As I turn my head to the left I see more clutter that needs to have decisions made.

Having clutter does not mean you are lazy. I give this simple illustration when speaking about clutter. Imagine your laundry basket full of laundry that needs to be folded. Is it really about not wanting to fold the laundry, or is it more about not knowing where to put the laundry once it is folded? The drawers are over flowing, there are no more hangers to be used, the closet is already jammed. The problem is not the action of folding, the problem is taking the time to make space.

So here are some things to help keep procrastination at bay

Declare Procrastination Day: Make it fun. I had a friend share with my that when she needs her children to clean they play Cinderella and she is the evil step mother and forces them {in a fun way} to keep cleaning. I am sure that there are several members of the family that could join in on procrastination day. Have each member of the family focus on their projects that they have been neglecting. Set a timer and have a fun family activity when all of the projects are complete.

Consider the next step: For me it is important to ask “what is the next step?” When you have a pile of papers to go through chances are when you ask the next step question you will come up with different answers. Some papers will be bills to pay, some will be calls to make, some will be things to enter into the computer. These should all be separate piles as they take different items to get them done. So when you have a few minutes to make phone calls grab the stack and your phone. When you need to pay a bill, grab the bill and your wallet.

Group needed items together: When you get a minute to sew on those Boy Scout patches you don’t want to be looking for the patches {in an envelope above the fridge}…the shirt {dirty on the floor}…thread {in a closet piled high only to find out you don’t have the right color thread}….scissors {yes the safety scissors will work.}  By the time you have everything gathered you are exhausted and need to leave to pick up said child from scouts. But what would happen if you started to group everything together that you need to complete a project. You will take less time running around looking for stuff and more time being focused on getting the project done.

Turn off distractions: Yes this is easier said than done. But all electronics should be powered off. While writing this post I have checked Facebook 27 times, checked my email 4 times and tried to order something online. Wait a minute, I need to make a hotel room reservation. In all seriousness, the area should be empty of all electronic, human and animal distractions. People think they can focus with other humans and animals around. I am here to tell you that is simply not true. I watched sweet cats jump into their owners laps over and over again. The owner would place the cat on the floor and the cat would jump back in the lap. It is a vicious fur circle. If the humans around you are not active participants in procrastination day they need to leave. I have seen spouses derail the organizing train and start to pull things out of the garbage. I wanted to put that spouse on a time out!

Today is the day that you take a stand and tell procrastination to take a hike. Stop looking at what you need to get done and feeling all guilty, just start. As I often say, the first step is the hardest. Just take it and see where it leads you.


To Joyful, Simplified Organizing,

MS. Simplicity

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