Make Time


If I were to look at your calendar right now would I be able to figure out what type of person you are? When my kids were young my life revolved around theirs. My day started before they woke up and ended when they went to sleep. I was a school volunteering queen, because at the time I thought it was my job as a stay at home mom to volunteer for puppy math bingo on Fridays. My calendar was full of parent meetings and giving boys rides. That was who I was.

Now I have one child home and my free time during the day has given me choices. I work for myself so I get the choose how to shape my day. I am lucky, but it is hard. My day can easily fall down the rabbit hole of sorting mail and going on Pinterest to find what to make for dinner. These time suckers are not scheduled but they happen. I don’t have Pinterest and mail sorting written down in my calendar.

What I have found is that if you want things to happen you need to write them down. I have scheduled reoccurring appointments for my business planning times. I only take organizing clients for 12 hours a week. I schedule my personal appointments on Fridays.

But my calendar has been missing some important things lately. Missing are my scheduled daily work out times. Missing is date night. Missing is organizing my office.

If you were to look at your calendar right now can you tell me what is missing. What are you wishing you had time to do but it just seems to never happen. Schedule it now. Sit down and work on the life you want to have. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Time with friends: Life becomes busy and often our friendships are pushed to the side. We are raising our kids and our adult friendships seem like a distance memory. But sometimes magical things happen when you make that time. I had scheduled lunch last week with five friends but weather and circumstances kept three from coming. That left three of us who had a lovely discussion as one has terminal cancer. I can grarantee you her calendar is full of time with friends and not reading the mail.

Time to exercise: I am a walking example of this. When my exercise time is scheduled I go 90% of the time. When I try to fit it in, it happens 5% of the time. I know how important exercise is for me to live a better life. Yoga has been added in as well as weekly time with my trainer, Texting a friend each time I go to the gym also holds me accountable. If she hasn’t heard from me by noon she knows to send me a text to make sure I get my workout in.

Date night: My husband and I do a pretty good job of this but it was nonexistent when our kids were young. It was a hassle to find a babysitter let alone find the money to pay for one. Find a friend to swap childcare with. I wish I would have paid more attention to this when my kids were younger. Being a team raising children takes time to plan and dream, schedule that time.

Time to organize: Yes organizing is one of those things that doesn’t happen magically. If it did people wouldn’t need to hire me. Organizing isn’t fun and it takes a mindset to get it done. I recommend blocking off three hours of time and make sure you have no distractions. Turn off the phone. Make sure that you are home alone. Even animals can be a distraction. Don’t think you are going to block out a whole weekend to get organized, you will just become resentful and quit.

Take time this week to get you schedule back on track. Get important things scheduled and start to create the life you want. Because if you don’t make the time, who will?

To Organizied Simplicity,

MS. Simplicity