Use It Or Lose It

When did I become known as the handmade soap collector? I looked in my bathroom drawer the other day and I saw 9 bars of beautiful soap that I have received as gifts. I use the soap in my bathroom but one bar has lasted 6 months. At the rate I was going I was going to have soap for the next 12 years. So I made a decision to use each of these soaps for a month at a time. Enjoy them, and think of the person that gave it to me. They are coming out of the drawer and being used.


While I was in the same drawer I saw some face cream that was almost gone but I hadn’t used it all. What was I waiting for? The thoughts that went through my head was….it was expensive…I don’t want to buy a new one when it is gone. But then my professional organizer brain took over and shouted, loudly I might add, get over it! So now I am using that face cream up…along with some lovely hand lotion. The bright pink lipstick will have to wait until summer however.


But this got me thinking, what else am I holding onto. I found some great corn salsa that I was saving for when we have company….someday. That salsa is coming out this week. Here are some areas to get your thinking,


Freezer: Try using stuff up this week and creating meals around what you find. I know I have some hamburger and chicken frozen as well as some freezer burned shrimp. You may be surprised at what you find in the recesses of this frozen treasure trove. I seem to put things in here and forget about them. Try only eating from your freezer for a week and see how fast you can open up some space. Gone will be the almost empty ice cream containers and the small bags of corn that are now one solid ice chunk.


Pantry: Remind me why I bought capers again? What about that honey mustard? Heck we could eat out of our pantry for the next month. But wait, look at those expiration dates. Yes, I have had those same jar of capers for 5 years….too long! Start using those pantry items up this week. If you don’t think you are ever going to eat that can of double noodle soup drop it off at the food pantry. My local grocery store takes donations so this is an easy item to get rid of.


Bathroom: You know you have that eye shadow pallet with your favorite color empty. Are you ever going to use the rest of the colors? I am telling you now, only a special person can wear electric blue eye shadow and it isn’t me or you! Just toss it now! Are you like me and have that last bit of expensive eye cream that you haven’t used? Use it as it will soon be past its prime and you will open that jar to find it has evaporated. How about the hair spray that you paid too much for but doesn’t really work? Donate and get it out of your bathroom.


Kids items: I can’t tell you how many gifts my boys received over the years that I was just too afraid to let them play with and ruin. Oh if I could turn the clock back on that! Let them rip the page of the pop up book. Let them color in that coloring book from Russia. Let them play with the expensive teddy bear. Let them use these things and love them and make memories with them as memories were never made of looking at things on a shelf!


Cleaning supplies: I will buy something and try it for awhile and then find something else that I like better. But still under my sink is the old cleaning spray. Why can I not get rid of these? So one day I did the smart thing and lined them up on my counter when my cleaning lady was over and told her to help herself and then I got rid of the rest. Am I really going to Murphy’s Oil my cabinets? Let’s get real here…


Kitchen utensils: I keep grabbing the same spatula every time, so why do I keep the other 17? This week figure out what you use and ask yourself if you are going to use the other 17. If the answer is no, then get rid of them!


Have fun this week using all of your “I will use it someday” items as this week is your someday! You will be surprised at how much you can clean out by just starting to use these items up. And remember, just because you have empty spaces now does not mean you have permission to fill them back up!


To Joyful, Simplified Organizing,

MS. Simplicity



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