Four Things That You Can Do Today To Help You Sleep

I don’t know about you but I seem to have that nagging voice in my head that is on a never ending loop. I also know that I am not the only one with this nagging voice in their head. When I work with my clients, I find that they too have the same voice in their head. I am surprised when I ask them about these simple things how many of them have not done them. So do me, and your family, a favor and complete this list soon.

1. Have a fireproof/waterproof safe. Too often I find social security cards and passports in a junk drawer. Common sense tells us that is not a great storage solution. Gone are the days for all of us having a safety deposit box for these documents. Big box stores sell safes for under $100. Place your titles and other important papers in your safe. All those papers protected in one safe place gives peace of mind.

2. Have your photos stored on an external hard drive. I love how small these are now and how they have fallen in price. There is no reason that your important documents and memories should not be stored off of your computer. Nothing hits you worse than having a computer crash and knowing that your computer is loaded with Susie’s first birthday photos. Back those photos up and bonus points if you store it in your new safe!

3. Have your internet passwords written down on old school paper. You heard me right, paper. I am all for you keeping them stored on your phone or in a handy app. But what if you lose your phone, or it crashes or heaven forbid you die. I have had clients who have not been able to get into their loved ones phones after they die because it was password protected. Write down the important account information and passwords and place them somewhere safe, like in your new safe!

4. Have a will. Maybe it is the lawyer in me or the mom in me that wants everyone to have a will. They are easy to prepare and  maybe I am silly and think if you have it done, you will never need it. Even though I am a lawyer I had a lawyer prepare one for me. It gave me peace of mind knowing it was done. We made the calls to our family that we would want to raise our children and got it written. It took less than a week. You can have the law firm store it or you can store it in your new safe!

These are all simple things that should take you no time at all to do. Start with buying the safe and work down the list. I promise you that you will sleep better once you have these things complete.


To joyful, organized Simplicity,

MS. Simplicity