Lack Of Time Getting In Your Way?

There is a proven fact out there that we all have the same 24 hours a day in a seven day week. This is where it becomes interesting, we all have the choice to decide what to do in those 24 hours. My biggest pet peeve, and I mean biggest, is hearing people say they are “too busy” {bang my head.} Busy is not a badge of honor that you should be proud of wearing. Busy is for people whose lives are out of control. I see these same busy people spending time on Facebook or watching hours of TV.


Here are some tips to help your 24 hours count!


1. Limit screen time: Yes this means in front of the computer and television and now add your smartphone to the list! Schedule your time that you will do these activities. Or find ways to share the screen time with something else. For example my husband will watch a show on Netflix while cooking dinner or folding laundry. And once we got rid of cable with stopped watching TV as much and with less time in front of the TV I was able to get other things done.


2. Wake up earlier: This was a huge game changer for me! Waking up even 30 minutes earlier allows me to start a load of laundry and throw something in the crock pot or start something marinating for the grill. I can fill out paperwork and have everything ready for the kids when they leave the house for school.


3. Make a list: Write down what you need to do in your 24 hours and play a game of seeing if you can get everything done. If your list is huge, circle your top 5 to complete today. Feel good that you got those done.


4. Enlist helpers: Start looking around your life to see what can be done by someone else. In our home it meant that the dishes were done by the kids. The dishwasher may not be loaded to maximize space, but it was done and not by me, so I was okay with that. This also falls in line with car pooling. Share rides with other parents and kids. This can be a huge time saver when you have other children that you need to be running. It is ok to ask for help!


5. Find your families top 10: Gather your families top 10 favorite meals and the recipes and have them all in one space. So when you are at the grocery store you know that you need tomato paste for the spaghetti recipe.


6. Eliminate caffeine late in the day: I know some of us have to have coffee the first thing when we wake up. I find that if I have caffeine too late in the day I do not fall asleep and that makes for a horrible morning.


7. Find time to exercise at least 30 minutes a day: this could be as simple as going for a walk around the block. This added activity will help calm your mind and focus on your day. I always feel like I can kick a little butt after I have a good workout in. I feel more productive and I am able to tackle more things on my list.


8. Start saying NO: This is huge. This lesson took me years to learn. But I have found that if I don’t want to do something with my whole heart, it is a painful activity. So I have started saying no. I even turn down paying jobs if they don’t feel right to me. Now when I say YES it is much more powerful as I am able to engage with my whole heart.


9. Surround yourself with doers and positive people: They say that you are most like the people that you surround yourself with….so make sure that those are people who are getting stuff done with a good attitude. My big irritation is with people who are complainers. Stop complaining about something and take action. I want to be a person of action. I have ended friendships because they are negative and I simply don’t have time to hear them complain. They were toxic and they had an impact on my mood and how I treated other people.


10. Have regular date night: Yes you may need to have it scheduled for every Wednesday night. I have found that when my husband and I are in the same room for an uninterrupted time we are able to focus on our dreams and what needs to get done in our family. Being on the same page is important in running a household. Connecting is an important part of that. I have a friend who has had a standing Wednesday lunch date with his wife for 4 years and he has never made it. How happy do you think their marriage is? I also will schedule one on one time with my kids as well. It is important to get to know them outside of the house where their typical answer is yeah….fine….good. I have found that the more quality time you spend with them the more they open up to you.


What can you do today to add more time in your 24 hours?


To Joyful, Simplified Organizing,

MS. Simplicity

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