It’s In The Bag

I don’t know if you are like me, but I can not wrap a gift to save my life. Every holiday when I need to wrap a gift I hand the gift to MR. Simplicity and he takes it and makes the perfect cuts so that he doesn’t have that lop sided section that I then have to cut. He makes the perfect cuts so the gift wrap actually goes all the way around the gift…not too much…and not too little, just right. For me I am the kind of girl who is like hurry up and get it wrapped!


I do not have an abundance of gift wrap. However I do have clients that do. When asking them how their gift wrap collection came to be I get one simple answer, it was on sale. There is something about a sale that clicks in our brain and indicates to us to buy as much as we can. It doesn’t matter if we can now wrap gifts till the end of time or even open up a holiday gift wrapping center, we just need more gift wrap.


So what can you do if you find yourself with a gift wrap addiction?


1. Stop: decide today that you will not buy anymore until your current supply is gone! Avoid the post holiday sales. You may have a problem so it is best to just don’t go to those stores when you know the paper is on sale.


2. Select: Select a signature color that is perfect for every occasion. My favorite is chocolate brown. With chocolate brown you can put a white ribbon on it for a wedding gift, red for Christmas, pink or blue for a baby gift.


3. Defined Space: What would happen if you had a space that could only fit a few rolls in? You only are allowed to have as much wrapping paper as fits in the space. Once we give ourselves a defined space we no longer feel the need to buy endless supplies of paper. The same thing works for children. If they know they only can have so many toys that fit in a bin they understand that in order to receive a new toy they will have to get rid of another toy.


4. Reduce: Time to get rid of your stockpile and not sure what to do with it. I like the idea of contacting assisted living facilities and see if they have a need. Or call a place of worship or a school.


5. Realize Paper is Not the Memory: Too often we get trapped in thinking the perfect paper will make the perfect gift even more perfect. I would challenge that notion. Looking back on all the gifts I received the only paper that was really memorable to me was the gift wrapped in the Sunday morning comics. Those were the colored comics, not the black and white mind you. That was paper I remembered.


6. It’s In The Bag: Think about making the transition to just gift bags. For me it is so much easier to organize gift bags than the wrap. Gift wrap comes in all sorts of sizes and the tubes take up a lot of room. Gift bags fold flat and are easy to store in a vertical position. I organized a client’s gift bags and it literally took us under 30 minutes to complete the project from start to finish. First I had her gather everything in one spot. After she gathered everything she sorted into categories as well as got rid of the ones that were in bad shape. We labeled each section for each category of bag. We even created a container where she placed gifts to give in.She was thrilled to finally have all of her gift giving supplies all in one vertical container.  The search was over!








To Joyful, Simplified Living,


MS. Simplicity