Digital Or Paper Calender? Is There A Right Solution?

So for two years I have made a concentrated effort of trying to go paperless in all aspects of my life, including my calendar. I like aspects of both but I really went cold turkey and didn’t use a paper calendar for two years, and I found I missed it.


When you are a parent having a good calendar is really one of the most important organizing tools you can have in your tool chest. A calendar is a place to jot down milestones, appointments and funny things your kids say. A calendar is something that you need to reference when your second grader comes home and asks how old where they when they started walking. Gulp….I guess before you were in second grade could be a correct answer. But there is a peace of mind knowing that these things are written down so that you don’t forget them. So when you go to work on your scrapbooks you have all the dates at your fingertips. All of my paper calendars are stored in one place. But that box is getting bigger and more cumbersome as the years go on.


But the one thing I struggled with is a searchable feature. For example if I wanted to look up quick when the boys last went to the dentist….can I easily find that in a paper planner? I can if I have a section dedicated to those types of appointments. I can’t easily find it on my digital calendar at times because I have to go day by day looking for it. But there is also this cool search box that I can type in what I am looking for. Thank you Outlook.


My mom always had a paper calendar that she would jot things down in. When she took a picture of us with her camera, she always noted it on her calendar. Because of that, I have photo albums full of pictures with who-what-where-when on the back of them. While most kids didn’t even have photos of them growing up, mine were perfectly organized and labeled and all in photo albums in chronological order. Now my Nokia Lumia 1020 smart phone is my go to camera of choice with a 41 megapixel camera built right in. My phone has a feature that automatically organizes my photos by date and I can search by month and year. So really no need to write down on the calendar when the photo was taken. Now with Facebook I even tag the people and often where we are at when we take the photo….thank you technology! Facebook seems to be my new photo album!


But I still felt the tug of a good old fashioned planner. The one I had used for 7 years had gone out of business and I had to make the search for a new one. It is like buying a car. Having the right planner is very personal and some come with expensive price tags. I did purchase the Mercedes of planners and I have been using it for a week now. It is a work of art. I got to customize it for me. The front cover has a favorite saying of mine, the back cover has a photo of our family. It has so many areas to jot things down on. The possibilities are endless.


But I still can’t let go of my digital calendar on my smart phone. I love the reminder feature. My paper calendar doesn’t beep when I have a new appointment in 15 minutes. My paper calendar doesn’t have a reoccurrence feature that I can select how many time a certain appointment will happen. I also can invite my family to events when I enter them into my phone. Once I invite them and they accept, it is now in their calendar.


So I have come to the solution that their is no one perfect solution for me. I have my smartphone with me at all times and I enter in all of my appointments there first. I have my paper planner next to my computer and I jot down things when I am sitting there. I don’t worry if I forget to jot down an appointment on my paper calendar because I know my digital one is my default one where the appointment always goes. So the struggle remains, but I am okay with that as it works for me.


To Joyful, Simplified Living,


MS. Simplicity


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