Garage Organization

Most of us have them. Some are a “garage-mahal” and a sense of pride. But I would venture to guess that most open and close that door as fast as possible when we pull the car in and out. While others may not even be able to park their cars in the garage. When you take the time to organize or clean a garage, it isn’t a few hours task. It is a task that requires a beautiful day and a day off of work. Really, when we have a beautiful day off of work, do we really want to spend it organizing and cleaning the garage? But I do know that if you do a really though job of it once….you just need to do some minor maintaince a few times a year. When I send my husband into our garage to give it a “quick sweep” it usually ends up into the entire garage being emptied into the front yard and suddenly it looks like we are having a yard sale. Well to help you create a garage that you can show off to the neighbors or maybe simply to park your garage back in it, the staff at Monkey Bars, a company specializing in garage organization provide these tips to get you started. 

Garage Organization:

The garage is one of the most underutilized rooms in the home. Many people don’t realize that their garage can look great and act as an extra storage area. Here are a few tricks to create an efficient garage through organization.

Paint: Paint your garage walls in a color that matches the style of your home. By painting the walls of your garage, it will create a clean and crisp overall feel. Turning your garage from a concrete room to part of your home you can be proud of.

Separate: Separate all of your items into Keep and Donate piles. Those items that your family needs will go in the keep. Then, things that haven’t been used in over a year go to the donate pile. This will get rid of the unnecessary clutter of items your family no longer needs.

Keep like things together: Once you have your keep pile, create smaller piles of like things. For example, Baseball bats, gloves, baseballs, and batting helmets will all be in a pile together separate from the tent, sleeping bags, and bug spray.

Everything Off The Floor: Once all of your items have been separated into similar groups, start giving things a home by placing all of your items on the walls of your garage instead of keeping boxes, totes, and containers on the floor. This will create more room in your garage. Garage shelving, overhead storage, and cabinets are great for this step.

Small Items: If you have smaller items that don’t fit well on a shelf like nails, screws, and tools purchase small jars and containers that can be placed on a shelf or inside a cabinet.

Labels: By labeling the homes for each item, theprobability of it being put away after use increases. This creates easier maintenance on your part keeping your garage clean and organized.

Garage Flooring: Once all of your items have their own home and are organized on the walls, the next step is taking care of your garage floor. There are multiple options: garage flooring, which can create easy clean up from oil stains and dirt, or if you would prefer not to spend money, simply sweeping and mopping your garage floor can provide a great finishing touch.

Keep your garage looking its best by simply taking the time to organize it. Use your garage to its full capacity and you will be amazed at the space you are able to save!

To Joyful, Simplified Living,

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