The Voice In Your Head

We finished our Spring Fling Challenge this week and it was a great success. For 21 days I gave tips on my MS. Simplicity Facebook page for little challenges. Many items were flung and many homes were organized along the way. Sometimes we need that little voice in our head telling you to just get rid of something if you aren’t using it. As soon as you release yourself of the items and the clutter you start to feel lighter, just in time for spring {I promise it is coming}. So what are you waiting for?

You have to do the hard work of organizing and clearing the clutter yourself. Even when clients hire me, they have to be there. I can’t do it for them. But I do ask some important questions to help them figure out why they are holding onto items. I have been called the Mentalist, as I get in my clients’ heads. Long after I am gone, they still hear my voice in their head. I truly hope it is a good thing! Often my voice needs to take over the other voice in their head, the one that is telling them…you paid good money for that……you may need that some day….you don’t love me if you get rid of it. We all have that voice, for some it is louder than others.


My hope is that some new questions start to go through your head. Here are some of the questions that get stuck in my clients’ heads:


1. When was the last time you used it? If your answer was more than 6 months ago you need to let it go. Clearly you are not using it and loving it otherwise you would use the item more often. If my clients are not ready to part with the item, I simply ask them when will they use it by. I then put that date on a post-it note and put it on the item. Once the date passes and they have not used it, time to fling it.

2. Do you love it? You really should surround yourself with things and people for that matter that you love. I had a sweater that my boyfriend bought me in college. He had no money at the time, and it meant a lot to me that he used his hard earned money for it. All this sweater did was collect dust. It was wool and I found out I am not a fan of wool. I wore it a total of 4 times. I finally decided to get rid of it as the boyfriend/now husband could care less about it. I was the one who had the issue with holding onto it, not him. What a sense of freedom to get that sweater out of my closet that I didn’t love.

3. Does it make you happy? Let’s face it, we all have things in our home that make us sad when we look at them. Think about those skinny jeans in the closet. We all have a pair. But every time we pass them in the closet instead of inspiring us to exercise more and eat less it does the opposite, and as for me, I just want to eat a cookie. Having been someone who has lost some weight and can now fit into those skinny jeans, I don’t want them…..I bought new clothes. So if you have items in your house that are not making you happy, get rid of them {people that don’t make you happy are a whole different area and we need a different expert for that!}.

4. Do you have duplicates? I had a client that had 7 staplers on her desk {see picture above}. This is a common occurrence, I see it in closets with 15 pairs of black pants. If we don’t have our items organized we tend to buy duplicates. We know it is there somewhere, we just aren’t sure where….so we buy another. Pretty soon we have 7 staplers! So what do you do? Keep the one that you love and turn to again and again and fling the rest.

So when you are taking an organizing project on, start asking yourself these questions. After asking them for several weeks, they will become a habit and become your path to a more organized home and life.


To Joyful, Simplified Living,


MS. Simplicity


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