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I realize that not everyone has an organized sock and underwear drawer. I realize that most people just throw them in a drawer and call it good. Sometimes not even matching the pairs of socks….the horror of it!. So a couple of years ago I organized one such drawer….let’s call these clients “Roy” and “Michelle”. They are such brave souls to share these very private of drawers. But these are nice people who want the world to become more organized, even it is by one sock at a time! The top two pictures were taken two years ago. I know “Roy” is going to be thrilled that I used these pictures again. I know that “Roy’s” and “Michelle’s” children are going to be doubly thrilled. The good news is that they have good health insurance that will cover the years of therapy for exposing their lives like this.

After “Roy” said really, his next response was, “you really should make the bed first”. Please tell me you don’t care…..please tell me I didn’t have to make my bed because it was a Sunday……please don’t judge me. You will notice that in the third picture that I….I mean “Michelle” did make the bed. Well at least “Roy” will be happy with that!

The first two pictures were taken over two years ago. The next three were taken this week. This is an example of how good systems in place can last for years.

So here are the steps:

1. Empty out everything.

2. Wipe out the drawer.

3. Remove anything with holes or you no longer use…..look at each piece. Remove anything that doesn’t make you happy. Remove anything that is not comfortable. Remove anything that is not attractive or in style, purple ankle sock with pompoms really are not in style anymore unless you are a 60 year old woman.

4. Sort all remaining items into like piles.

5. If you have lone socks, now is the time to get rid of them. Chances are you ditched the other one months ago and didn’t even realize it.

6. Find a drawer organizer that fits the needs of the remaining items. I did switch the drawer organizer in the last year as I found one that I liked a bit better for the size of “Roy’s” drawer. Drawer organizers help keep everything in place and fit nicely. When one item is pulled out, the space remaining shows when it is washed and returned exactly where it should go. Which keeps the system organized for years to come with some simple maintaining in the meantime.



  • Fold or roll socks instead of turning one inside the other. This helps with extending the length of the sock by not having the elastic stretched out (beside it looks pretty).
  • Remember the 80/20 rule? You wear 20% of your stuff 80% of the time. This is true on socks and underwear, pick out the ones that you wear, and get rid of the rest. When I work with clients most of them have more than one drawer of socks and underwear. Time to take a serious look at what you have. Do you really need 50 pairs of underwear and 80 pairs of socks? You really only wear your favorites. Do you need a drawer of just socks for exercising, but only exercise two times a week? In that case you should only have 2 pairs of socks.
  • Sort the socks into colors or types. For “Roy”, it is white, tan black/navy. If you have trouble determining between black and navy, make sure you keep those on opposite sides of the drawer.

If you come and take a picture again in one year, my guess is that it would be the same. Please notice that there are simply not a lot of items in the drawer. “Roy” really doesn’t need that many items, nobody does. As long as you do laundry a couple of times a week there is never a problem.


To Joyful, Simplified Living,


MS. Simplicity


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  1. Kate

    It’s so much easier to say what works for my husband, which I have helped him with. Dress socks — 20 pairs of brown wool socks, all the same, replaced every ~10 years, all dumped in the same drawer, no sorting, or matching. @ 5 pairs of hiking/athletic socks, easy to identify. and a few travel compession socks…What is the female version?? I don’t go in for cute socks but I have black, white athletic socks, black blue trouser socks, knee highs, boot socks, who knows what….who can help? a lot of unmatched stuff…I’d like the female simplified version…

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