Spring Flinging

If you live in the upper portion of the county you are probably experiencing a phenomena that we like to call Spring Cleaning. This is not something that is experienced all over the country. You find Spring Cleaning fever to be centralized in locations that have long, cold winters. It lasts for a few weeks and it seems to take over our otherwise mundane winter routines. All of a sudden we get anxious to have our homes spotless…we bark orders at our families to wash the walls… we make plans for full weekends focused on the task of Spring Cleaning. Very simply, we get stressed out!

But what if we focused on little bites of organizing? Where the tasks are easy and broken up into smaller chunks of time and not whole weekends. The focus needs to turn from cleaning everything from top to bottom, to simply getting stuff out of your house so that you then have less clutter to clean. I propose we do Spring Flinging instead….by flinging the unwanted things out of your house. I have a challenge on my MS. Simplicity Facebook page where I am giving out daily Spring Flinging tasks. The tasks will take you just a few minutes each day. The momentum of each task will get you excited to do more. The picture posted above came to me after my grab 5 items from your closet that you no longer love or use challenge. As you can see, six garbage bags is a lot more than 5 items!

Joining with a group of other folks who are working on the same tasks makes it even more fun. When we learn from each other we form a sense of community and we want to go back and see what others are doing. You realize that if these people are doing it, so can you. If you miss a day, it is okay because a list is being compiled of each day’s tasks located in the notes section of the MS. Simplicity Facebook page for you to go to and work from. Maybe you have a friend or family member with too much clutter in their house? Have them join in on the challenge by sharing it with them. You can simply say that you are doing this challenge and would love it if they did it with you, become accountability partners together! You don’t have to tell them that you think they are a hoarder, just give them a gently nudge and see if they are receptive.

For the first three days of the challenge, here is what you may have missed:

Day 1:

Today’s Spring Fling tip: grab 5 items from your closet that you are no longer in love with or wear. Only keep clothes that you love and make you feel and look great wearing them. Even if you spent good money on them, they are taking up space….either consign them or donate them….simply get them out of your house. If you want to do more than 5….go for it…..think about other closets in your house as well. Set the timer for 5-10 minutes and get cracking!

Day 2:

Today’s Spring Fling Tip: Clean out the silverware drawer, get rid of anything that doesn’t belong in that drawer. Baby spoons and your baby is 19…time to go. I store my one set of measuring spoons and one set of measuring cups in this drawer as well. Note that I said one set. I like the mesh trays as well, simply lift and wipe out the drawer and all crumbs fall through making clean up a breeze!

Day 3:

Today’s Spring Fling Tip: Locate all of your lids and for your food storage containers. Do you store them all in one place? Think about having them all in one central location. But first make sure you have all the bottoms for the lids. It is amazing how often we don’t; it is like the missing sock phenomena. Extra lids just seem to pop up. Want to take this a step further? Only keep the food storage containers that are good for your health. Our family transitioned to glass ones about two years ago. If you are storing and reheating your food in a margarine container, please don’t. You may find this task clears out much needed space in your kitchen if you focus only of the food storage containers that are good for you. I got rid of two boxes of stuff a few months ago and my lid drawer is looking fantastic!

Join us in the Spring Flinging movement and get your house ready to go for summer and feel the weight leave your house as unwanted items take an exit. To find the daily challenges, search for MS. Simplicity on Facebook and just jump right in. Did I mention that there were prizes as well? What are you waiting for? Spring is coming and it is time to get flinging the clutter out of your house for good!


To Joyful, Simplified Living,

MS. Simplicity


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