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So my life has been a little crazy lately, let’s face it, whose life hasn’t been crazy? I had these piles of undone tasks that were getting to me. I would just rush through my day and say to myself that I would do them tomorrow. Well tomorrow had come and gone and still no action on those piles. I would walk by something and berate myself for still not doing what needed to get done. I needed to stop that negative self-talk and silence that voice in my head once and for all! So I had two hours today where I put my work on hold and just started getting things done. Here is my list of things I did in less than two hours:


  • Sewed two buttons on a coat
  • Cleaned out my lazy susan that stored all of my plastic storage containers as well as pulled all the lids that went with them (pictures show that project). Every time I would grab something out of the lazy susan, things would tumble and fall. It was like a game of pixie sticks as I tried to grab something. I took everything out that we don’t uses anymore. We transitioned to glass container to reheat our food in….so away went every plastic container we had used for reheating. Now my lazy susan turns with ease and I am no longer afraid of the leaning tower of plastic to come down on me!
  • Did three loads of laundry (including pulling off the shower curtain that needed to be washed, I even returned it clean!)
  • Made a batch of pumpkin muffins
  • Cleaned out the microwave
  • Hand washed the dishes that needed to be done
  • Sent 17 congratulations cards to some of my co-workers
  • Dealt with a customer return and mailed the refund check
  • Wrote this blog post and took pictures

Today as you rush through your day, start to think about what you could get done in 10 minutes? What tasks could you just sit for a minute, focus and JUDST DO IT! If you need some help, set the timer for 10 minutes and focus on that one project. This weekend I had my boys work on one drawer in their bathroom by simply saying to them, take everything out that you don’t use anymore or you don’t plan on using anymore. Left were two deodorants and some tooth paste. They did the same thing with the items in their shower. Left were two bottles of shampoo and a body wash in the shower.

Use this same type of thinking as the holidays approach.


  • As you take out your decorations, figure out what you use and then take everything else and donate it now at the beginning of the season so another family can use it.
  • When you think of someone that you want to add to your holiday card list, enter them into your excel spreadsheet. Don’t have their address; find it now so you are ready to go.
  • Start to buy things that you know you will need for the upcoming holidays as they go on sale. Please only buy if you know you will use them.
  • Get your gift giving list ready. My 13 year old typed his up and gave it to me already….he is a forward thinker!

All of these things take minutes to do, but if left undone, they add stress to our already stressful lives. So what can you get done in 10 minutes today?


To Joyful, Simplified Living,


MS. Simplicity



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