How To Eliminate The Clutter And Organize Your Car

When my children were younger I felt I spent more time in my car running them from activity to activity than in my own bed. As they have grown and became drivers, I have been able to reclaim my car as my own and no longer does it smell like an old kid’s meal. I use to call my car the most expensive garbage can on wheels. By changing just a few simple things when they were younger I was able to keep part of my sanity and pass on some good tips to my kids, so as they  now have their own car it doesn’t resemble that of a hoarders.

When you look in the interior of a car, it tells the truth about us to perfect strangers. For me I have the words “Professional Organizer”on my car….and guess what, I try to keep my car clean at all times because my car is a moving testament to my work.

Not only does the interior of your car say a lot about it, it can also be a deadly weapon. If items in your car are not properly stored they can become projectiles during an accident or a quick slam of the brakes. We keep things in our car that we know we will need during the day as well as things that we anticipate. These things can add up to extra weight to your car that can lower your MPG.

Now that you know that it is important to have your car organized, here are the steps to get you there.

1. Assess what you have in your car. Do you have maps that are not used in the last 5 years because you now have GPS on your phone? Or maybe old phone books but your smart phone now has every number you will ever need? I bet you could find an old CD or DVD case as well. Don’t forget to look in all of the pockets, trunk, glove compartment and all of those other handy hidden storage compartments. What about the seasonal needs in your car? Do you have an ice scrapper and an winter survival kit and it is summer? Or more likely do you have mosquito spray and it is winter?

2. Keep what you use often at your fingertips. For me it is post it notes my sunglasses, a pen and my phone. Never used while I am driving however, with the exception of my sunglasses.

3. If you bring it in the car you must take it out. This is a simple thing to remember, from the kids back packs to their coats to my water bottle. Whoever brought it in, must take it out.

4. Keep a garbage can or recycling bins near where you park your car in the garage. It is so much easier to simply take a step out of your vehicle and throw or recycle and go back into the car for the rest of the things that you need to take into the home.

5. Keep an errand basket in your car. I have a basket that I can sling over my arm to help me collect items and take them all in the house while using one hand. As I go about my day and run my errands, I place everything in the basket. It is so much easier to grab one basket than multiple small items.

6. Organize the passengers who ride in the back seat. Most cars have a single pocket behind the front seats where kids will shove who knows what down it {I know because I would find one sock, a book, a crayon, old gum and a chicken nugget} Another option is to purchase a mobile organizer that has multiple pockets that can store water bottles, DVDs and books. This makes it accessible to the children to reach what they need without disturbing the driver. And given the responsibility to keep it organized is a task that even a 3 year old could master.

7. Make sure that you can find all of the important papers within an arm reach and can find within a minute. You know, for those time when you have to remember the name of your car insurance agent. Keep them contained together in the same place, like the glove compartment.

So take a look at your car and see what it says about you. If you were to be hired based on how the interior of your car looks, would you get the job? Believe me there are companies out there who walk you to your car and take a peek. So always stay organized and get that job!


To Joyful, Simplified Living,


MS. Simplicity


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