HELP: How Do I Organize My Makeup

So I was recently struggling with having too many things on my bathroom counter. I am fortunate to have plenty of counter space but it just looked all cluttered and junky all on the counter. Everything was contained in lovely decorative boxes so it looked pretty. But I was ready for empty counters. Plus, everything sitting on the counter got exposed to dust and whatever else is floating around in a bathroom, yuck. So I tried a little experiment and pulled out everything that I use on a daily or weekly basis for my makeup. I suddenly realized I used very little of what I was actually storing and I made the hard decision to part with everything I was not using. I mean everything! That expensive lipstick that I spent $30 on 4 years ago and never wear because I look like a vampire in it….. good bye.

So let’s walk through the steps that you will need to do in order to get your makeup under control.

1.      Gather all of your makeup in one area.

2.      Wash and wipe out the now empty areas where your makeup was stored.

3.      Discard any broken and damaged items.

4.      Discard any expired makeup. Depending on how makeup is stored can affect the shelf life. Keep in a dry cool space out of direct sunlight. Manufactures recommend mascara to be discarded every 2-4 months. All natural products tend to have a shorter shelf life. Check those dates!

5.      Now this is a hard one…..take out what you use on a daily basis. Now pull out what you would use on a weekly basis or for special occasions. What you have in this pile is what you are going to now keep and organize.

6.      Close your eyes and get rid of everything that is not in your daily or weekly use pile. It will hurt for only a minute, I promise.

7.      Find an organizing product that best fits the needs of what your newly sorted make up. The one that I have pictured is called the Make-up Manager and sells for less than $20. I loved it because it is clear, has handles and plenty of dividers for me to put brushes, mascara and other objects that stored better in a vertical position. With the handles I am now able to pull it out and put it back with ease.

I soon realized that what I use on a daily basis was a fraction of what I owned. I knew I had to get rid of the rest. It simply was taking up space and why keep it around if I wasn’t going to use it? I am pretty sure I kept 20% of what I originally had. It felt really good to go through everything and focus on what I do use. I now save time getting ready as I don’t have to sort through the things I don’t use. I challenge you to do the same thing with your makeup and if you don’t wear makeup, try the same steps with your fridge, pantry, junk drawer, etc.


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  1. Katie

    For a way to get rid of unneeded products, use (as long as they aren’t expired, of course) and swap with folks around the country who could use it instead.

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