HELP: What Do I Do With All Of Those Art Projects?

Not only do our kids bring home paper, but they bring home artwork. I felt like if I were to throw some of the artwork away I would be a bad parent and my kids would think bad thoughts about me. Recently my dad showed me a cartoon in the “New Yorker” that had a parent and child and the child said that if the parent were to throw out the artwork that they spent 15 seconds on they would resent them forever. That pretty much sums up what I felt when I had to deal with the artwork. But I found some clever ideas to help with the daunting task of what to do with the art projects. I also included a video clip of some bonus ideas. The link is posted at the end of the post.


Art work:

1.      Have a rotating art display where featured items are displayed for the family to enjoy.

2.      Keep the art for a designated period of time. Remember you can’t keep everything and if it doesn’t pass the “bring a tear to my eye” it is OK to get rid of it.

3.      Take a photo of the art. Better yet is to take a picture of the child holding the art.

4.      Mail some to grandparents and call it a traveling art show.

5.      Laminate and turn into a place mat at the table.

6.      Make those really special works of art into note cards for gifts to family members.

7.      Make sure to date the art work on the back and write a note on the back as to why it is meaningful.

8.      Purchase an artist’s portfolio and keep the over sized pieces in. Some families even use clean pizza boxes for this.

Remember, it is not your job to keep every piece of paper or art project that comes into the home. Create your system that works for your family by implementing some of my tips above and watch the paper and art become much more manageable. Want some more tips and to see what I used for my son’s artwork, visit here.


To Joyful, Simplified Living,

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