Spring Organizing….Get Ready….Set….Go!

Spring is upon us a bit early this year and I think my Spring fever started a month earlier than I was ready for. The organizing bug has hit me hard as it has many of my clients. I live in the Red River Valley and this is the first year where I actually feel like we have the energy to do proper Spring Cleaning. This is the year where our muscles aren’t tired and achy from slinging sand bags. This is the year where you can actually go through your garage and do a thorough sorting job. I realize that not everyone is in a position to hire me. You may live a distance from me, you may not have the finances, or you may not be ready to open your house to a stranger. Whatever your reason is, please know that you can do things to get your life better organized.

1. Call a non-judgmental friend. It always helps to have someone with neutral eyes help you. This is the person who can be truthful with you. This should not be your mother or family member that will question why you are getting rid of stuff. Remember, it is up to you on what you want to donate. Don’t have someone challenging you, rather have someone encouraging you.

2.  Just start. Many of my clients have what I like to call analysis paralysis. They look at that pile of papers or that jam packed closet and they just don’t know where to turn. The first step is the hardest, I promise.

3. Set the timer. I love to set a timer as there is something about knowing that time is running to get me motivated. It also turns it into a contest to see how much I can get done in a short period of time. It can become overwhelming looking at a pile of stuff and knowing that there is a timer that will mark the end is a nice feeling. When I have clients who are struggling over the minutia of their stuff, I often set my stop watch on my smart phone and tell them they have 5 minutes to get through the pile of stuff they are looking at. It works every time!

4. Pick a number. Let us say it is 7. Take the space that you are organizing, find 7 things that have a home elsewhere. Find 7 things that are broken and need to be thrown away. Find 7 things that should be donated. Repeat until the space is done.

5. Find MS. Simplicity on Facebook and join our daily organizing challenge. No prizes, just a sense of accomplishment that you are getting stuff done.


To Joyful, Simplified Living,

MS. Simplicity

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