What Do You Schedule?

must confess I don’t schedule everything that I should. I write down in my calendar what I think are the important things, but I forget what seem to be the not so important things. I would always write down doctor appointments and client meetings. I would then try to find time for all of the other things once those things were in my schedule. What would happen is I would try to squeeze the rest of my life into my schedule and work around the things that were already in my schedule. This often would leave me for little time to do other things, like exercise or hair appointments. Usually I would look at myself in the mirror and see all of the gray hair looking back at me and call my fabulous hair stylist and see when her soonest opening was. I would then try to juggle appointments and kid activities to make it happen. But a curious thing happened once I realized that I needed to have my hair done about every 6-8 weeks. I rebooked at the end of each appointment. No longer do I have the frantic call to Emily telling her of my hair emergency.


Exercise was another area that I just tried to fit in when I could. Guess what folks? I never made it to the gym as I always had something else to do. Frankly, I would find things to do so that I never had time to go to the gym. What I started to do was text and email friends after I went to the gym and told them how long I worked out. This gave me the accountability that I needed by knowing I was going to tell someone that I worked out. This also gave them the motivation to also work out and text me back. I also started going to the gym with my husband after we got the kids out the door in the morning. He goes to work a bit later but now he eats his lunch that he brought from home and skips taking a break at lunch. Now I have added in someone to my life that I physically write down on Monday what my workout routines are going to be for the week. Then on Friday we check in again and make sure that I did it and make the plan for the weekend.


Spending one on one time with my spouse and children was always took the back seat as we were so rushed at night and exhausted once we got home. Now my husband and I go out at least once a week (our kids are old enough so we don’t have the added cost of a babysitter). We don’t have to do anything fancy or expensive. One activity that we are doing is taking dance lessons together. Can I tell you how much we are learning about each other? We have been in each other’s lives for over 25 years. We know each other very well. But there is something about dancing that puts our relationship on a whole new level. I have to give control over to him….gasp….I am a control freak. And he has to be the leader….he likes to be laid back and go with the flow. In essence we have swapped roles and I like it!


My children are also busy and while we do have family time we often do not spend one on one time with each of our children. When they were little I would take one at a time to the grocery store with me. Great fun as we discovered new and exciting fruits in the produce section. This past weekend I was able to spend one on one time with each of my three boys. I had so much fun and enjoyed every minute of it. I told my youngest, age 12 that he was in charge of the conversation. This is a good skill for kids to learn….especially boys. Our topic we talked about was the differences between books and movies that are based on those books. This is the time that I take to show them to hold the door open, to use table manners, how to look people in the eye and shake hands and most importantly, how to hold a conversation! I know my future daughter in laws will be thanking me!


So this week look at your week ahead of you and see what you can get scheduled now. Work will always be there. A TV show will always be there. But a trip to the gym to improve your health or quality time spent with a loved one may not always be there. Take the time to work it into your schedule and see what memories you can make as well as being a little less frazzled!


To Joyful, Simplified Living,



MS. Simplicity



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