Out Of Clutter Find Simplicity

Can you look through your clutter to find the simplicity? Can you take the time to even find the simplicity? In the chaos of life how do you even find the time? So let us find some ways to sneak some to find more simplcitiy.

1. Get up 30 minutes earlier. I know… right…who can do that? However, I have found that when my plate is really full by just getting up a little earlier I am able to kick things out so much faster. When my house is silent and all my boys are still sleeping I can get things done at warp speed.

2. Set a timer. I can not tell you how important this is. By having the timer go you know you have a fixed end time. You can keep your focus on the project until the timer goes off. I tend to find that when the timer goes off I usually keep going as I am so focused ont he task at hand.

3.  Delegate. It is so hard to let someone else do something that you are use to doing. It could be as simple as teaching a child to help with housework or care for a dog. Teaching our kids and giving them the responsibility is a huge lesson for us and them. Just remember that you can not criticise as long as the are doing their best effort.

4. Ask for help. Sometimes just getting someone to help us get things done a little quicker. It could be as simple as having your spouse cut the vegetables for the salad at dinner or it could be to have someone watch your child so that you can get your workout complete.

5. Share the task. I am so surprised that more parents don’t share in some of the simple things such as carpooling. I see in parking lots neighbors each dropping a child off at an activity. Wouldn’t it be easier and make for less traffic if we could all work together. Or if you dread cleaning the house, enlist the help of the whole family and work together for an hour and get it all done and then spend time as a family doing something fun.

So my challenge for you is to find that simplicity that I know is there, you just need to look at that clutter with a new set of eyes.


To Joyful, Simplified Living,

MS. Simplicity

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