Too Many People Buy Things They Don’t Need

Too many people buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have trying to impress people they don’t even like.

I know I am guilty of this in the past and sometimes it still creeps up on me! I work really hard to make sure that whatever I purchase is something I really need and not something I really want. This week I looked at my husband wearing jeans with holes in them. Granted they are in fashion for the teenage boys that I bought them for. However, when you are a man of a certain age, they just start to look ridiculous after a bit. It is time to buy new jeans. Doesn’t matter the brand, just that they fit and he looks great in them. Shopping with some friends a few months ago for jeans for the husband, the brand to the wife did matter. I remember thinking to myself if someone is looking that close at the brand of your husband’s jeans, you have bigger concerns in your life!

I love it when I hear friends tell me how they bought a sweater at the thrift store for $2. Last year I purchased new living room furniture off of facebook and it was a thrill for me! To me spending money on objects that can break or wear out is not that important to me. I choose to spend my money on music lessons for my kids or travel adventures for myself and the family. We are going to have memories for years that will last longer than the $250 pair of jeans.

For Christmas this past year we did a white elephant gift exchange. You had to either re-gift a gift, buy it from a thrift store or make something. We had the most fun opening these gifts. One son gave packs of Kool-Aide that he got at a gift exchange at school (re-gift), one son gave a ceramic goose he bought at a thrift store. My dear husband gave a candle with the word “Melissa” on it that he found in the kitchen. These are the memories I want our family to have and laugh about years later.

To me it really is the thought that goes into purchases, not the dollar amount associated with it. Who really cares what other people think. Who really cares that you got those pots from France. I care that the person gave the gift out of love and that they paid cash and didn’t go into debt by giving the gift!


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MS. Simplicity


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  1. Firefly

    This article talks about spending less on things and to not be wasteful which is indeed true. Instead of buying a pair of $250 jeans made in China for the label, pay $250 for a tailored pair of jeans that you will own for 10+ years! If you can get that high quality for just $50 then wooohoooo! White elephant parties do force people not to spend that much, but it just allows people to pass around junk that ends up in a landfill anyway. Just stop buying stuff! I only give gifts that can be used up. Handmade gifts are the way to go! Food, soap, body care, potpourri, flowers, herb pots, mixes, teas, etc.. Then the person can “EXPERIENCE” your gift instead of finding a place to store it! Concentrate on “Capsule Wardrobes”, “Simple Living”, “Downsizing”. You will be much happier if there is less for you to organize. 🙂

    1. Firetly….if you follow my MS. Simplicity page on facebook you will know that I preach giving consumables as gifts as well as experiences. For example, my hubby bought me dance lessons for us for our Valentine’s Day gift. Best gift ever!


  2. I used to buy “stuff” just because it was on sale. Now I buy a majority of items at resale and thrift stores. Most people don’t know unless you tell them and then I have money to spend on other things. Also, by buying things less expensive I feel I can refresh my wardrobe more often.

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