Consider Quality Not Quantity

I always find my blog post ideas in everyday conversations. This one came while I was at a swim meet on Saturday. I was talking to another mom and we started talking about what our kids wanted for Christmas and when I spoke out loud what I was getting them, it didn’t sound like much. And then I started thinking I better go and buy them more “stuff”. But then I realized they don’t want any other things. I felt the urge to get more presents under the tree for them to open. The problem was with me, not with them. I felt guilty that they would only have one or two gifts to open under the tree. Even though that gift is something they want.


You may not see physical gifts under the tree this year, but our family will see other gifts, such as the gifts of tradition. We now have started going to a Christmas concert as a family. Our community has so many to choose from. We will make a night of it and go out for pizza first and then go to the concert. I make lots of Christmas cookies and the boys love to eat them and they walk in the house and always ask about what I have been cooking that day. That to me is a gift! During Christmas we also fondue as a family making a mess of the kitchen and because it is such a fun activity we spend hours in the kitchen eating and spending time together. That is a quality gift!


So I think I need to avoid the traps of quantity and stick with quality gifts this year. I will avoid going to stores where I am surrounded by aisles and aisles of “clutter” or “crap”. I will shop at stores knowing exactly what I want to buy before I go. I will be OK with our family being done unwrapping our gifts in 5 minutes, because we are going to play that x-box dancing game and we are all going to act like fools. When I am old and gray I want my boys to remember the times we had as a family, not the gifts that I bought them. Because that is the real gift.



To Joyful, Simplified Living,


MS. Simplicity



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  1. Fantastic Melissa! I think we all get much too caught up in the “need” for more “stuff” at this time of year and you’re right – it is a trap. A trap we fall into because we have been so heavily marketed to that we actually believe we “need” more, that our kids “need” more under the tree and we feel guilty if the pile of gifts isn’t “big enough.” Who’s setting those standards anyway? Thanks for the reminder that “stuff” is NOT what this season is about!

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