Clutter Is Postponed Decisions

I belong to several chat groups within the professional organizing industry and I always learn so much from our discussions that we are having. A new discussion on the saying “Clutter is Postponed Decisions” really hit home for me… I am looking at groceries that need to be put away….but I don’t have space in the pantry….so I know I have to clean out my pantry…..but I need to time to clean out my pantry. See, I don’t have my act all together and I need a professional organizer to come into my kitchen right now and get me organized!

But I want you to think about that saying and start to look at your clutter in a different way. Look deeper at your clutter. Ask yourself what is stopping you from having the clutter. Here are some common answers and see if these resonate with you.

  • My house/closet/kitchen/drawer/garage is too small and I don’t know where to put anything. Maybe you have too much stuff. Really ask yourself what you can get rid of and what you really need to keep to be happy.
  • That item was given to me by someone special. I give you permission to get rid of it. Ask yourself if you gave a gift to someone would you want them to keep it even if they don’t like it? Just because you get rid of an item does not mean that you do not care for that person.
  • I paid “good” money for it. Didn’t we all pay good money for something. Get rid of that guilt of spending “good” money and donate the item to a good cause and you will feel so much better.
  • I may need it some day. Do you have clothes in your closet that don’t fit….get rid of them. You are giving yourself the message that some day you are going to gain weight and may need it. Yuck, that is a horrible message. Do you have a food processor that you use once a year? Maybe you could borrow one from a friend instead of taking up prime space in your kitchen.

So today, look at your clutter with new eyes and ask what type of decisions are you waiting on!

To Joyful, Simplified Living,

MS. Simplicity 

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