Part 3: Back To School Organizing

Back to school not only means new clothes and school supplies, but it also means a list of other items that parents have to check off their to do list. Try to schedule all of these appointments on one day in order for the work outside the home parent to only have to take one day off of work. Maybe you could even tackle the school shopping as well! Plus getting them scheduled now and completed in the next few weeks will lessen the last minute scramble.

  • Doctor Appointment: I like to schedule my kids for well child checkups in August of every year. At this appointment I also have the doctor fill out the sports physical as well. If I don’t do it every August, undoubtedly one of my kids will come home with a sports physical and say I need this returned by tomorrow or I can’t play in the game tomorrow.
  • Eye Appointment: How often should children get their eyes checked? You guessed it every year. When children grow so do their eyes. I remember as a child one year I needed glasses, the next year I didn’t. Then a few years later I needed glasses again, and then I didn’t. Now I am 42 and guess what, I need glasses!
  • Dental Appointment: Most dentists recommend a visit 2 times a year. Schedule one of the visits in August so that your child doesn’t have to miss any extra days of school.
  • Hair cut: What would the beginning of school be without a fresh haircut. My boys have their school pictures taken before school starts so that their ID’s are ready to go when school begins. We usually schedule the haircuts a week or two before the pictures so as to not get the “new haircut” look.
  • Passport: This is on my to do list for my kids (all right, let’s be honest….it has been on my list for 2 years now!). Passports are becoming a requirement for travel into Canada as well as Mexico. Remember to check the requirements before you take off to get the passports application. Did you know that both parents need to come with for the passport application? Why not get this taken care of now before it is January and you are planning a sunny vacation in the next few weeks because you just can’t handle another week of negative 30 weather. Just think your kids would even have a new haircut and presumably a tan from playing outside.
  • Christmas pictures: Ok this is for you over active parents who are super organized. If you like having your families photos taken by a professional photographer, book that time now before they get too busy. We like to have our pictures taken in September while the kids still have a hint of summer on their cheeks and I can then have 2 months to ohh and ahh over my choices of holiday card designs.
  • Senior Photos: This one was a new one for us this year, but yes, we have my son’s senior photos already done. He is a busy kid with sports, school and work and to us it just made sense to get them done before school started. One less thing for me to worry about this year.


Plan ahead and ease into the back to school rush with a smile of confidence that you are sending your child prepared both mentally and physically.


To Joyful, Simplified Living,


MS. Simplicity


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