Organizing Product For Runners

So every once in awhile you find those products that make you say, “how cool is that?”. I just returned from a conference in Chicago where I was given this neat little product called the Phubby. Weird name, cool product. It came in size small and I gave it my family to try on….too small. But then I thought of a friend of mine who is a runner….a serious runner, and asked her to try it out for me.  She had mixed emotions of even wanting to try it, as runners are pretty particular what they use when they run. Some may even call them creatures of habit! But she said because she was my friend, she would give it a try…..what a loyal friend. She called me the next day and said she loved it! Here is what she loved about it:

  • When she does her long runs she has not taken a phone with her as it would go in a fanny pack and jiggle around while running. For her safety, she realizes that she needs to start carrying her phone with her but just wasn’t sure how to make it work for her.
  • She was able to feel the vibration of the phone when a call came or text message. She could simply lift up her arm and see if she wanted to take the call or reply to the text.
  • With the mesh on the phubby, it left no mark on her arm while some arm bands do.
  • The phubby stayed in place while she was running and didn’t move up and down her arm.
  • When her fingers were wet from sweat, she said that she was not able to use the touch screen on her phone, but she simply dried off her finger and it worked just fine.
  • One downside may be the tan line that it leaves on your arm if you are an outside runner in the sunshine. I see this as the same problem that golfers have with their sock tan lines. If you are able to run and golf in the sun, that is a great problem to have!
  • Download your music on your smart phone and eliminate your MP3 player while you run.

I am getting one for my husband in a larger size as he rides his bike to and from work. I like knowing that if I need to get a hold of him during his 20 minute ride, that he will know that I am trying to get a hold of him. He will be able to feel the vibration and decide to take my call or text of choose to ignore it. My two older boys are also getting ones for when they are lifting weights and have no pockets in their shorts in the weight room. My son will get one while he mows the lawn so he doesn’t need to stop the mower each time he gets a new text message…..yeah, I can’t believe he does that too!

Peace of mind is a great thing!

To Joyful, Simplified Living,

MS. Simplicity

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