Bravo To The Southside Strings Concert

I did not count the number of string players at the concert last night held at Fargo South High School.  The picture above shows you some of the group….but not all of them. I do imagine it was several hundred.  The students grades ranged from 5th grade to Seniors in high school. This concert has been coordinated every other year since my oldest has been in orchestra.  This was his third South Side Strings concert and his last.  Not only his last but the last for all the students as this is the final year before the break up of the students where half will be attending Davies in the fall.  I can not begin to imagine the logistics of planning for this many kids to sit together and play.  They even fed all of the kids pizza before the concert.  Then to top it off each child had a gray t shirt that said either “South” or “Davies” on.  But sitting as a group, they played as one, you couldn’t tell which child will be going to which school in the fall.  This is what school spirit is all about!

The youngest group of kids played first and progressed to the Senior High where the high school group played Journey’s song “Don’t Stop Believin”.  The appreciation for the Journey song was made evident when I glanced over and all of the 5th graders were swaying their bows back and forth in rhythm to the music.  No lighters in the air, but this was better, a group of maybe 200 bows in unison to the music.  Beautiful sight! A few even were swaying their violins back and forth, and my son who is a freshman, looked at me and said “there is an accident waiting to happen”.  When the song finished, I thought to myself, there is a group of kids that just might play in the orchestra a few years longer because they just heard music that they could relate to, plus as parents we were all signing aloud… our minds (not out loud as we were at an orchestra concert after all).

The concert ended with all the students playing “Over the Rainbow” with 4 teachers conducting one mass group of students.  How they all kept time was a mystery to me, but I could see the teachers visably breathe a collective sigh of relief when that song was over!

I normally don’t blog about community events, but I really felt the need to publicly thank all the teachers and custodial staff at South High who made this event possible. Thank you: Michal Lang, Lindsey Tafelmeyer, Allison Burggraff, Ann Schuler, Denese Odegaard and Tim Nelson. 

This concert meant a lot to me personally as it was the first, and probably only time two of my kids would play in a concert together.  That is a priceless memory that I will have forever.  Bravo!

MS. Simplicity