Top 10 Tips For Organizing Your Office

Today I gave a talk on organizing your office to a lovely group of people.  I had a power point full of information as well as 2 pages of handouts, some products to show them to make their offices more productive as well as some before and after pictures.  I felt it was overload of information and I got to thinking, if I could boil it down to 10 great tips, what would they be….so here goes.

  1. Timer:  Set a timer for focusing on those hard to do tasks.  Do not do anything but the task at hand….no phone calls….no emails….no interruptions.  (The timer in the above picture is the one that I use for my work and home life and it is the best one that I have found.)
  2. Don’t multitask:  Multitasking drops your IQ by 10 points.  Smoking a marijuana joint drops it by 4 points. source YogaJournal, p. 22, 12/2005
  3. Go vertical:  Store all paper vertical in a file because once paper goes horizontal you will never find it.
  4. Peak Work Time:  Find out the time when you work the best and get your most difficult tasks done during that time. 
  5. Schedule Heads Down Time:  Close the door to your office or have a system put in place if you work in a cubicle that indicates you are not to be disturbed.  Make sure everyone respects this so that you can get work done without being disturbed.
  6. At your fingertips:  Make sure that the things that you use on a daily basis are at your fingertips.  If you rarely use something it should not be taking up space on your desk.
  7. Use wall space:  Have you thought about going vertical on a wall for files or photos that clutter your desk?
  8. Clean desk:  Put everything in it’s place every day as you leave your office.  Coming into a clean and organized office will help start your day off on the right foot.
  9. To do:  Create a to-do list daily.  By putting it on a piece of paper you are removing it from your brain to try to remember.  It is a great feeling to then cross off those things.
  10. Purge Files: Take the time to purge files as you don’t use 80% of what is filed.  Do this at least 2 times a year and schedule the time now on your schedule.

What is your great office tip for organizing that you would like to share?

To Joyful, Simplified Living,

MS. Simplicity
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