Don’t Forget To Make Your Charitable Contributions For 2010

Today is the last day to make those charitable contributions before the stroke of midnight.  There are so many good and deserving charities out there that need your help, so this is just a reminder that it is never to late to give.  Here are some examples that I think are pretty cool.

  • A friend saw a sale on bags of dog food where with the rebate made the dog food essentially free.  She texted other friends and told them of the great deal and the local animal shelter got some much needed bags of dog food.
  • A friend sent a reminder on facebook that just because it was a blizzard outside did not mean you could not give online today.
  • I keep a basket in my laundry room all year long where we place our items that are no longer needed or no longer fit.  When the basket is full, off the items go to be donated.
  • Old towels can be given to the local animal shelters
  • Bath products that you don’t use, or those sample sizes from hotels….take to your local homeless shelter.

Just a reminder to be charitable today and every day!  I try to teach my clients and readers that to live with less is more….less clutter….less papers…..less clothes…..less kitchen gadgets, etc.  You will lead a better life, I promise!

To Joyful, Simplified Living,

MS. Simplicity

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