What To Do With Old Towels

We all have old towels that are never used.  Maybe they have a bleach stain on them, maybe they are just too thin to do their job, or maybe you got a set of towels from Aunt Madge and you still haven’t used them. But how do you get rid of old towels without adding to the stuff in the landfill? The important thing to remember is that if you aren’t using them and they are just taking up space in your house, try to find a purpose for them. So here are a few ideas to think about.

(Do you have any suggestions as I would love to hear them?)

  1. I have been telling my clients for years now to look at your local animal shelter as a source for those towels.  They make a nice little bed for a puppy or kitty to snuggle up in while waiting for thier forever home.
  2. A second idea is to cut them into 12 by 12 squares and use them as rags.
  3. If you have towels that are still in good shape but they just aren’t your style, how about taking them to a shelter?  Someone needing to start over always needs a nice set of towels to get their new start.

To Joyful, Simplified Living,

MS. Simplicity

5 Responses

  1. My mother-in-law always took old tablecloths and cut them up and hemmed them for dish towels — but that only worked for cotton or linen ones, not the new polyester ones that are wrinkle-free!

  2. lucie

    In Duluth the CHUM shelter for homeless individuals and families is always looking for towels. As long as the towel is usable a stain will not matter.

  3. Jean Roue

    I was one of 8 kids and we were poor so nothing was wasted. Thin towels..mother would cut them in large squares and sew 4 together for cleaning or dish rags or face cloths. That is how I learned to sew. Dad did his own mechanic work, like most everyone at that time, so when the rag was past useful for dishes or scrubbing it was put in a box that dad would use for wiping greasy or oily or gas soaked parts. Also, there were mop handles that had a wire on the bottom for holding the worn towel and you had to wring it by hand. (Hadn’t thought of the floor mop for the past 45 years.)

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