5 Days Until Christmas……Last Minute Gifts For Kids To Give

This all started because my 15 year old son was lamenting that he was going to be given gifts by some girls at his school.  He wanted to give them something in return but he didn’t have any disposable income…..and I didn’t want to spend a lot of my money either.  What I did have were some canning jars left over from my “wanting” to can last summer (which in my mind was a great idea).  Next up was something to fill in the jars….a stop at my local discount warehouse candy isle solved that…..gourmet jelly beans.  So top it off with some lovely wrapping paper and we had 8 gifts done in minutes.  What made it even better was my 17 year old son was lamenting that he had a gift exchange in his orchestra class……out came the jars, jelly beans and gift wrap!

I normally wouldn’t give in to the guilt of get a gift, give a gift…..but he really wanted to give these girls something.  So I think we came up with a perfect solution without having to go into debt.  Plus I had the added bonus of he put some energy into making them.

To view the finished project, visit here.

To Joyful, Simplified Living,

MS. Simplicity

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  1. imani 812

    awww that is so sweet of him because some boys would have just took the gifts and would have not even thought of giving thegirls something back =)

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