9 Days Until Christmas…..Find A Shortcut

I have a secret for you…..sometimes I like to cheat.  Not on tests of course, but in cooking and baking.  If I can find a shortcut I take it.  For example, I bought a product that was sold as “organic pancake batter in a can”.  It came in a can that you see whipped cream come in.  My kids love whipped cream in a can, so I knew they would love these.  I loved the idea of making them a hot breakfast every morning with my freshly pressed flowered apron on.  I was enamoured with the idea of saving time.  I could pronounce all the ingredients so that was a plus.  But the taste test would latter determine…..they were gross.  Not fluffy or thick, just runny and rubbery. In my house it all comes down to taste.  Doesn’t matter if it looks pretty, smells great or you spent hours making it…..if it takes gross….they wont eat it.  My kids don’t always live by the field of dream test….if you build (make) it they will come.  Well they will come, they just might not eat it.

So the shortcut I did find was for cheese fondue.  Each year during Christmas we make fondue.  Three types, one with oil in it for meat, one with chocolate and one with cheese.  Who doesn’t love to dip their food in something.  Bonus for my boys is that they get to do it with sharp pointy forks.  So last year I found a container of the cheese already grated for me…..I was really excited about that.  But this year I found a package of all the ingredients, and I mean all the ingredients in it so that all you do is dump it in your fondue pot and in minutes it is ready.  And guess what…..they loved it!  It tasted just like mine.  The ingredients I could pronounce.  I didn’t have to find a special bottle of white wine….it was already in it.  You can find this product in the big box warehouse section in their cheese department. The cost was around$7.  The only downside is we ate it so fast….I need to make two packages at once.  We dip french bread and steamed broccoli in ours.  I have friends that dip apples and steamed carrots in their cheese fondue.

Here is a picture of the package so that you know what to look for. 

So my tip for you is to find a shortcut, but make sure it is one that everyone will enjoy!  You can then focus your time on your friends and family and less time tied to the kitchen.

To Joyful, Simplified Living

MS. Simplicity

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  1. misty johnson

    I Love You for This Shortcut. I always have wine on hand, but quite frankly I find making Fondue (other than the plain oil for meat)…putzy. Unless I am doing Major Entertaining and then it is a Must Have at the buffet table. People Love to gather around Fondue. It will be nice to just Whip Up a fondue for Family Movie time…..YUM!

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