12 Days Until Chirstmas…..Are You Busy?

When someone says to you “how are you?”, is your gut answer “Busy”?  Why is that what we say?  Is it just easier to say busy rather than tell the person how your life really is?  Do the people asking the question really truly care how you really are.  This was one of those light bulb moments for me. When ever people stop me in a store and ask how I am, I often say “busy”. It is just a quick response that I give without much thought. But what is that saying about me. I really am busy but I also have a great balance of my life with my family and work. I get that we are all “busy”, but let’s be honest and look at what we are busy doing.

  • Are you “busy” driving kids to practice….find a parent to carpool with.
  • Are you “busy” going to the grocery store every night trying to find something healthy to feed your family……make a list of meals and shop once, maybe twice a week.
  • Are you “busy” working at a job that you hate……find your passion and start exploring it, could you make a career out of it?
  • Are you “busy” with obligations that you want to say no to…..say no and pick the ones that you love!

I now am making an effort to listen when people say how are you, to not say “busy”. I should be honest and say things like “my children are doing great and I am blessed to be able to support them in their passions in life”. If that is too wordy, how about “I am happy because the sun is shining today”.  Be positive and you will be rewarded by people who are always excited to talk to you.  Don’t be my relative who when people ask how she is she goes down the list of illnesses.  If you do that, people will simply stop asking.  Or you could take a page our of my friend Kelly’s book, she uses the word “full” in place of busy.   We need to be honest, and if we define ourselves as “busy”, who created that for us? We have the option to change our life and do something small today to make our lives less “busy”. I challenge you to make your life less “busy” and define it for the great life you really are leading.

To Joyful, Simplified Living,

MS. Simplicity

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  1. Cara Braun

    I like this article. I have noticed that people almost seem to wear “busyness” as a badge of honor. It seems we all need to slow down a bit.

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