14 Days Until Christmas…..”I Bet You Are Ready”

People assume that since I am a professional organizer that I am done buying gifts, have all my decorations up, letters and cards mailed and that all the baking is done.  The answer is a calm no I am not all done.  The reason is simple, I do a little bit every day.

  • Every couple of days I will bake some treats (then they all get eaten by my kiddos in the upcoming days).
  • While out running errands I will take the time to see if there are any gifts that I could buy.
  • I don’t stress, I know that it will all come together.
  • I don’t spend days shopping for the perfect gift.
  • I do take the time to think about the perfect gift.
  • I do use cash and not credit for holiday purchases.
  • I do take the time to shop at local stores that aren’t packed with shoppers but are filled with unique gift items.
  • I do spread it out over  the first three weeks of December.
  • My husband is using some vacation days up before and during Christmas.  We will spend the time together before the kids get out of school casually shopping, taking time to have lunch or a coffee together.
  • I do bake when I have extra hands to help me.  I always have butter softening on the counter just in case my kids want to help me bake
  • I do let my husband wrap the gifts…..because he is great at it and I am not.
  • I do take the time to spend with friends.  Many coffee dates and lunches or stops at holiday get togethers.
  • I do not get caught up in the commercialism that TV commercials try to sell us.  Although my favorite are the Folgers commercials where the long lost brother comes home….those make me cry every time!

So to those people who think just because Christmas is 14 days away we better be ready……I say call a friend and go out for coffee.  Spend the time relaxing and spreading out your to do list over the next 14 days and do not try to kick it all out in one day…..you will just get stressed and crabby and probably spend too much money.

To Joyful, Simplified Living,

MS. Simplicity