25 Days Until Christmas…..Look For Inspiration

Everywhere I look I see the positive in things.  Negative news does not seem to find me.  If you look for the positive in things, guess what….they will be there.  On the flip side, if you look for the negative, they will be there too.  I chose positive, how about you?

Inspiration I have found: 

  • My sons rang the bell for the Salvation Army on Saturday at a local grocery store.  They noticed that if you said “hello” to someone and made eye contact, a donation was made in the bucket.  A recent letter to the editor to the Forum caused controversy when the man called the bell ringers “beggars”.  Really?  All I see is a group of volunteers looking to raise funds for when our city has a fire or a flood (which I would like to remind you all has happened very recently in our town).  I say beg away…..it does my heart good to see you out ringing those bells.
  • Oprah’s favorite things:  This year her show had not only one day, but two.  Some very expensive items, like a 2012 VW.  Some lesser expensive items like croissants from Williams and Sonoma.  But for one of my friends this favorite things idea gave her the idea to buy five of her favorite things and donate them to her local charities.  I see Inspiration here, don’t you?
  • Fill the Dome:  A youth led initiative to fill the food pantries from around the region.  This is a time for us all to clear out our pantries and give to help fill the bellies of other families from around our state.  Think about this…..this was a student led initiative.  It is successful every year.  I see inspiration as we live in a giving and caring community and that starts with our youth.
  • People over 80.  The Forum has been doing a series on our citizens over 80 doing great things in our community such as rocking babies in the NICU.  I see inspiration in our citizens over 80.
  • A friend running her second marathon while visually impaired.  She does it with grace, determination and a few tears as she runs in honor of her fallen brother, a Philadelphia police officer.  I see inspiration in my friends.

Where do you see inspiration?  I challenge you to find the positive things with this holiday season.  They joy of a family dinner, the smell of coming home to a house with warm Christmas cookies, having coffee with good friends.  That is what fills the heart and soul!

To Joyful, Simplified Living,

MS. Simplicity