26 Days Until Christmas…..Signature Wrap

Wrapping paper is a beautiful thing.  It comes and every color and design imaginable.  It is sensory overload when trying to choose the papers that you get to wrap gifts in.  If you are overwhelmed and have a huge supply of wrap but can’t stop from buying more…..just stop.  Think about having a signature paper that you wrap all gifts in.

What is a signature paper?  For me it is simple brown paper with a beautiful ribbon.  For you it may be gold paper with red flowers on it.  A signature paper should be able to transcend all holidays.  Put a different colored ribbon on it for birthday, anniversary or wedding gifts.  Having a signature gift will help you with the onslaught of pretty papers on sale calling your name from the clearance bin.  Find your signature paper and stick with it.

I have been wanting to get to a signuatre paper for three years now, but I still have not exhausted my day after Christmas supply of paper shopping extravaganza from 2006.  I hope this is the year that I use the rest of the paper up and start going to my signature paper!

To Joyful, Simplified Living,

MS. Simplicity