29 Days Until Christmas……Black Friday

As I am bombarded by adds for Black Friday I was shocked to see something different this year…….3AM openings, midnight openings or worse yet, stores that don’t even close for Thanksgiving Day!  This year, retailers are working even harder to get your dollar and shoppers are more savy with where and how they are spending their money.  The crowds of Black Friday putme in a panic attack mode.  I am not a shopper with crowds.  I try to go to stores when they open on a weekday when I know the stores are near empty of people.  So this got me thinking, what is the allure with all that middle of the night shopping while waiting in line in the frigid cold?  I got the answer.  The evidence is all over facebook today.  The black Friday shopping is part of a ritual with family or friends.  That is a concept thatI can get behind.  I can understand moms and daughters standing in line shivering and giggling while waiting to get that money savings item on their list.  I can understand sisters being crazy together with this experience.  So here are my tips for Black Friday and really any day of shopping.

1.  Shop with someone you love and make a memory

2.  Only buy what is on your list

3.  Stay within your budget

4.  Avoid bringing things into your house that will create clutter

5.  Shop local brick and mortar stores where more of the money you spend stays in your community 

To Joyful, Simplified Living,

MS. Simplicity

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