33 Days Until Christmas……It’s A Wrap

Check your wrapping paper supply.  Too often people buy new wrapping paper when they already have more than enough on hand.  When the shiny paper goes on sale the day after Christmas we stock our supplies for not just the coming year, but for years to come.

Quick Tip:  Gather all your gift wrapping supplies in one area.  That means tissue, ribbon, bow, paper, gift bags, cards, scissors, tape, bubble wrap, boxes etc.  Once you have everything gathered in one place, you will know what you have.  So often I have client’s in which their gift wrapping supplies are scattered all over the house.  Now find a container that can store everything, and I mean everything.  Now when you go to wrap a gift, all the supplies will be in one place.  This helps in two ways, 1. you save time looking for the items and 2. you save money because now you know what you have.

Bonus tip: wrap gifts as you purchase them, but don’t forget to label them so that you know who the gift goes to.  You can even use my mom’s trick of assiging each of kids a number.  Then that number was written on the gift in lieu of name.  That way the sneaky gift shaker child will be stumped just a little bit longer. 

To Joyful, Simplified Living,

MS. Simplicity