35 Days Until Christmas…..Give Gifts Of Experiences

Give gifts that are experiences: concert tickets, a stay at a hotel, spa services or a “gift certificate” for watching your sister’s kids for the weekend so she and her husband can have a getaway.  Stay away from anything that can create clutter.  Remember my tip from the other day, if it collects dust, don’t give it as a gift.

Remember back to your childhood, how many gifts do you remember?  Maybe a special doll or a game.  Despite hundreds of dollars spent, people just do not seem to remember gifts.  But buy someone a ticket for a hot air balloon ride, they will remember that for the rest of their lives.  Or how about a family vacation that everyone has been saving for.  Or purchase horseback riding lessons, that is a gift a child wont soon forget.

Giving gifts to parents always seems hard, because most of our parents already have everything they would want.  Here is an idea that I have used,  I have given my parents and in-laws gourmet meals that are delivered frozen on dry ice.  They simply heat up the meals for a no fuss and no mess dinner.

To Simplified, Joyful Living,

MS. Simplicity