39 Days Until Christmas…..Give A Clutter Free Gift

When you start your Christmas shopping, think about giving gifts that do not create clutter.  Think about giving consumables as gifts this year: coffee shop gift cards, baking mixes, candles, bottles of wine and lotions.  A consumable is something that the gift recipient will use within a couple of months, and the gift does not become clutter!

Ask any teacher if they have too many coffee mugs or Christmas tree ornaments.  Ask that same teacher if she/he has too many coffee gift cards or pedicure gift certificates and I bet she/he says no.

If you know someone is already a pack-rat, don’t add to the problem by giving them more things that collect dust.

So your test to ask yourself when shopping for gifts is “will it collect dust”.  If the answer is no….you have your winner of a gift.  Believe me your recipient will thank you!.

To Simplified, Joyful Living,

MS. Simplicity