43 Days Until Christmas…..Tips On How To Keep Your Sanity

Today work on getting your holiday cards ready.  If you plan to send a family photo, schedule a time now for getting photos taken. If your finances are tight and on a limited budget, ask a friend with a great camera to take your picture for you.  I had a friend do this for me 4 years ago and this year I repaid the favor and took some for a friend.  For me the hardest thing is to make sure that all 5 of us are in the same place in order to have a picture taken.  This year our holiday card will feature just my kids. 

Tips:  Find a common color scheme to use for the clothes.  Everyone could wear black shirts with jeans.  One year I put the boys in white dress shirts.  Another year we did brown and red.  Keep the clothes simple because it really is about the people in the picture and not the clothes. 

No time to take a family picture ?  Maybe this year’s card is a collage of the great things your family accomplished this year.

There are many user-friendly online services that enable you to create a collage or card with your photos.

The most important part, have fun with your creative side.

To Joyful, Simplified Living,

MS. Simplicity